Lions 5-0 with injuries galore...

Is this a scary record for a team that has yet to play a complete game with a half-healthy roster?

Do you think with an improved offence and healthy team this team has a chance at 18-0? I do.

Yes. But you have to go to the coaches for this win.

They have a chance to go 18-0 , but it is highly unlikely they will.

Yes it is. The wins have been ugly at times but they've still been wins. Given all of the injuries that's pretty damn impressive, and yes a bit scary.

Not 18-0 but I can certainly see them going 14-4 or 13-5, which should be more than enough to finish first in the West. Of course if these injuries keep piling up BC may finally start to crack and lose some games.

I think they are going to lose a few and the first one may be on Thursday. The second may be against Winnipeg the following week.

Won't happen..(although picture a 60+ year old doing cartwheels if we did!)

I think the way we are so banged up, I think the Riders may hand us our first loss on Thursday. Geez, I'm going to half to buy a program to see whos playing on Thursday night!

...are you in that age group too, wonder who has more pluses on the sixty or me....( but i ain't tellin)... :lol: :lol:

Thats why I left the age at 60+

Walking, swimming and fresh county air is the secret!

I keep thinking the Lions can't realistically keep up this pace with such a beaten-up team, but week-in and week-out they prove me wrong. Win in regina, win in Calgary, win in Toronto. This team is for real, even with all the holes we have in our current lineup.

I know every team has injuries but what the Lions have now is out of the ordinary. I'm glad they are finally getting the kind of respect on these forums that they deserve.

...the lions have always been respected here, it's only some of their online fans that are not....Sporty excluded...

....a good win for BC all in all, ont he road and in hostile territory...if Calgary plays mistake free football BC doesn't win, but a good team finds ways to capitalize off the other teams mistakes and that is what Buono's boys did...5-0 is a reality, onto next week to see if that goes 6-0....

Excellent post R&W couldn't agree more.

Nobody plays mistake free football against BC, ever.

So RLR, are you saying that if the Riders win next week it won't be because they played mistake will really be because on that day they were the better team?

I'm saying they won't win. You can quote me on that. We can start Gino our 4th stringer and we'll still win somehow.