Lions 2008 - Great expectations

Typical RLR response... :smiley:

Right it had nothing to do with the team that kicked their butts.

Well to be honest those two Qb's you got are not going to put fear in anybodies eyes. I will make prediction now. The riders even with Crandell are going to beat BC.
By the way was Simon and Murphy playing last night? Funny I could have sworn I saw Murphy change in the Ralph costume in last nights game.

Bring up the past is that all you got for now? :lol: You know I would give you the benefit of this loss with out the ribbing but when you boast as much as you do then you get what you ask for. Face it your team did not go into McMahon stadium saying oh we will not show up tonight we will save our best game for down the road. Dirt bag and his team of misfits came in to win and they got it handed to them by a defense that was put together during TC. Time to float back to earth there RLR. Your offensive line which you boasted as number one in the nation (which they were last year) allowed 4 sacks. What did Joe Smith rush last night did he get a double digit. 12 first downs in the game heck I thin the Tiger cats got more last night. Then Paris Jackson and superman I disappeared Simon. They just started TC last night. Then the coaching that was comical from a guy you call the best HC in the league. I sure like that dirt bag smile of his after a loss.
Yes it was only one game and did I mention those guys in red dedicated to Anthony. That is pay back my friend and you better get use to it. There are six other teams that will go for it as well.