Lions (1-6) vs Esks (5-2)

New faces in the line up for the Eskies, as for the Leos; there is talk that K. Peterson's days as a Lion are numbered.

I know someone who says the Lions will win this game.

the Esks have all 4 receivers out and have lost a few o-lineman.

we shall see hey?

I like the Lions in this one actually. Just a hunch combined with crazy injuries to the Eskimos.

Wally is still fuming about his drop on the 8 yard line that could have changed the complexion of the game had they scored a TD instead of the FG. And there have been other missed assignments. Peterson's future is largely predicated on how well Paris Jackson's problem knee holds up, as there is only rookie Marco Ianuzzi playing behind them.

GO LIONS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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More on Peterson/Jackson.

I don't think we can be friends tonight. :x

I am torn..

if the Lions lose they stay tied for last with the Riders..

if the Esks lose they'll stay on target with the Stampeders..

ooh so hard to decide!!! :?

Edmonton's in trouble if they lose tonight. After back to back beatings they need some confidence before the their LD back to back with the Stamps.
I think BC pulls of a close one though.....

I think I'm gonna root for BC tonight too Chiefy. You can change your avatar tomorrow btw :slight_smile:

Backer, can you please change your damn avatar by game time?

Haha no, the bet was they cant change it until tomorrow!

Lets go Eskies...get er done, thus their next target: Calgary

I say screw it and do it anyway and then change back for Saturday and Sunday and then change back again. :slight_smile:

Taking into account that Edmonton is 5-2, it looks like a pretty thin crowd at Commonwealth...

If Commonwealth is anything like Winnipeg it'll fill out as people are waiting in line for beers.

They'd better not be planning on making any beer cup snakes. :lol:

Haha just reminded me of this video TiCats did in response to the Beer Snake.

And well... they smoked us hard that year too!

Damn anyone have a video link yet? I am stuck with radio.

Maybe FYB can tell us more about what it was like to have to listen to games on only radio in those days?

I don't need your pity. :stuck_out_tongue:

Turned the game on but I had to read the Marshall/Berry thread first. What a surprise that was. Anyway, go Esks! :thup: