This collection of Lions 2005 just might be the best overall group of players, coaches, front office staff ever assembled in the Lions 50 plus years!

This is a team overloaded with talent at so many positions the most important of which is the guy pulling the trigger at QB.

You could say we are overloaded with talent with the coaching staff as there is NO way Dave Ritchie should not be a head coach right now in the CFL.

Now they are officially the best ever!

This has been the most amazing season I've ever had the privelidge of seeing as a Lions fan. It's certianly a long ways from a few years ago, when my dad and I would buy a pair of tix from Safeway, and be two of 12,000 fans in the dome.

Right now we are enjoying what in 20 years we'll call the "good ol' days" of the BC Lions :smiley:

Just wait till they get 55,000 in there for the Western Final.... It will be like the good ole days in the early 80's when there was 45,000 minimum during the regular season.