Lion VS Tiger

in a Real fight!!! tiger vs lion

Tiger F****ing owns!!!!

This is what's going to happen on Sunday!!! LOOK OUT LIONS CATS ARE GONNA EAT YOU !!!!!!!

haha i love it

Ha, almost afraid to click this video!!

There's one shot where the Tiger slaps that Lion away -- this would be awesome on Tigervision!!
All 'round, not a bad watch. I did feel a little bit like Michael Vick as I was watching it though..

It's nature, FCOL!

Anyway, a Bengal Tiger stands up pretty well against the King of the Jungle. But the BC Lions are named after west coast mountain lions. Hence, no mane on the BC Lion logo.

Bengal Tigers vs. Mountain Lions? Hmmm. I don't think the YouTube video would be very long!

The other name for a mountain lion is cougar.
Insert picture of ourtney Cox.

No. Then we'd be playing the BC MILFS on Sunday!

I'd go.

Looks to be a preview of Sunday's game. Go Tiger-Cats Go !!!!!