Lion Pride

Anyone have an update on ticket sales for today? Apparently we were at 50,000 as of 9:50pm last night. Remember Lions fans to wear orange at the game tomorrow and save your voice for when the Lions are on defense. Let's pack the Dome and make it LOUD!

I'm wearing my Lions golf shirt, black with orange stripes on the shoulders.

True story - Last year I took my son's OFFICIAL Bengal's jersey (that his Dad brought him back from Cincinnati) and tried to turn it into a Simon jersey, using liquid paper. My son came home and caught me in the act and was NOT impressed. I thought that, because the jersey no longer fit him, he wouldn't care. I was wrong.

So this year my brother bought me an official Geroy of the nice ones with the crest/numbers sewn on. So I'm stylin' this year.

And please, do as RLR suggests - wear orange and keep your "thunder" for when the D is on the field only (or after a play's completed).

aren't you like the rest of the stadiums other then Taylor Field and CAnad Inns that have anouncers telling you when to cheer.

woot!!! lets go BC!!!

Next Year's grey cup will be


Hey BB - that would be a great match up. Glad you're on board with us for this one. :thup: