Lion fans....

Have the fair-weather fans become true Lions fans? I sure hope so. Hopefully this upcoming Western Final game will be sold out. I mean come on, it's the playoffs, they are exciting games. Last years' Western Final was amazing!!!! I expect this year's to be too. Go Lions Go!!!!!

Are you kidding? With the asshole media in this town ignoring the Leos and spouting off about the ******* canucks? I went into a Sammy J Peppers on Sunday afternoon in Coquitlam. 5 ******* TV's, and not one of them had the CFL Eastern Final on, each one showed a different NFL game.


You think thats bad i just heard doll wall from nw98 on sports talk and he had all his facts totally wrong about the attendance from last years western final, he said we sold it out which we didn't , we had 55.000 holds 58.000 And then he said we are about 10.000 short of ticket sales from last year which we are not, we are at the same pace as last year for ticket sales, the only reason we are not going to get 55.000 this year is because the lions left on a sour note at the end of the year, i have a friend at ticket master he is a superviser and he said they are around right know about 35.000 thats not counting on today, so he is saying that we should get no problem 46.000 to 48.000 ,over 50.000, if tickets go crazy in the next 5 days , that is averging around 2.000 sold a day which they have been so far you know how much we had sold at this time last year, he looked up his records, 32.000 so they sold tons in the last week last year to hit 55.000 . so i whish all the media out there would get thier facts stright, on the bar that you went to on the weekend, well i was at the semi finals in a bar last year when sasktchwan won and nobody cared either, i hate to say this but unless it is the lions nobody in this town does care.So every body get out and get your tickets lets try to push over 50.000...

Go lions

I agree this game is going 2 be amazing! we got 2 get over 50 000 fans to rock the dome!

Don’t expect much from Dan Russel other than a “token” mention. Russel would rather talk hockey in the middle of July than football…TWIT!

I can't understand why the media wants to talk hckey when the CFL is in the playoffs. Don't they know there are still 60 some odd games left in the NHL season and there's only 2 weeks left for the CFL. Why do fans think hockey is so important at this time of year? Plus CFL tickets are way more affordable than Canucks tickets. I love the Lions and the Canucks but I'm not gonna concentrate on hockey when the Lions are in the Western Final and one win away from the GRey Cup. You wonder why people across Canada make fun of the West Coast when it comes to the Lions. Get your priorities straight.

Well said Linebacker. Unfortunately Dan Russel still dreams of being the Canucks Play by Play man and gives the Lions and the CFL minimal coverage.

I heard that the football game wasn't even televised on regular tv to begin with. Which is why most people wouldn't have it on, or you would have to have it on pay-per-view. Thank goodness i was at the game, front row seats. Yipee for me. Too bad the Lios lost in the last few minutes. But also sad for the people that can't make the games.
It is the playoff season, and you would think that they would have this all over the screens. They do for hockey, why not for football. My good friend who is a total hockey fan comes with me to the football games to support me and my football hunger, why can't they show it for the regular folk out there on regular tv.
Personally I prefer the CFL over the NFL. The game, the rules, and the field. Not sure about the rest of the people out there, and really don't care about their oppinions. But all you see nowadays is the NFL being broadcast is the NFL everywhere you flip, almost no matter what day it is on Canadian channels. You would think that the CFL would get the same hat tip as the NFL does, but rather we don't. And of course not that hockey is back, it is getting all the news and coverage anyone can stand, and then some. Not to knock it, please don't get me wrong. But I am a little miffed at the lack of coverage that the CFL does get in this country of ours, especially when BC has a home game. Does this happen in other Canadian cities with their home teams?

I am looking forward to attending the the West Division Playoff game this Sunday. Hope to see you all there.

Go Lions Go!!!!!! :lol:

congrats on clobbering edmonton in the west final
ray is starting so wut u expect. lol beat toronto in the cup

Just ti let you know that the lower bowl is sold out , ya ho

lets go crazy vancouver and get as many tickets sold in the upper deck as possibale.

go lions,…

Dan Russel didnt even know who the Lions were playing against this Sunday!

Dan Russel, Dave Pratt…both are frickin’ idiots, and should be fired.

That doesn't surprise me....

Who's Dan Russell? LOL