Lion / Argo July 7th Game

Went for a walk, came back and the BC/Argo game is a dud. :thdn:

After all the "excitement" of terrible QB play and sloppy turnovers in the first game, this one must seem pretty boring.

It's 9-6 at the half. If this is the result of high quality play, give me terrible QB's and sloppy turnovers any day.

Not everyone appreciates a defensive battle with good fundamental football. Then again, not everyone appreciates hot sunny weather for football games.

Not a good night for the command centre. They blew the first PI challenge in the Hamilton game, and they've blown both challenges in this game. I guess the CFL is getting its people from the same place as the NBA.

This season has been a major dud so far.

I wouldn't go that far. Half the games have been pretty good. I just hate the PI review. Too subjective. Just live with the officials on the field.

Your opinion that those calls were blown hardly makes it fact. I’ve watched every game so far and I’ve found most of the games interesting with a number of great plays already. No team has been perfect but the mistakes add to the fun.

As you can tell from my threads before this one, I AM PISSED.

I go out to BC for this game, and it is a snooze fest .

Myself and the crowd was in a lull. No excitement.

The Lions played the worst game , I have seen them play live.

Fumbles, interceptions and when a a good play did happen it would come back because of a total flag fest.

BTW, the worst part, the Lions were 2 - 0 and there was only 18,921.

I said 18,921.

Remember the good old days ( 80's ) when the place was sold out with 54,000 +.
I know those numbers will not come back, but there should be no reason not to have 27,500 sell outs.

Thus, if they want to get more as**s in the seats, this snooze fest will not do it.

Way in here BUNGLE.
Please give me something to feel encouraged about.

If this keeps up , in a few years we will have an 8 team league again.

Vancouver has always been a weak sports town - - as evidenced by their monumental fail with an NBA franchise. But the main issue here is the Slumlord owner. He ran the Argos completely into the ground to the point of near extinction and now he's doing the same with the Lions.

As I've said numerous times, Braley is a complete scourge on the CFL. Some apologists will talk about how he "saved" the league, but in reality what he's done is hold the CFL back and prevent the league from growing.

Things will continue to get worse in BC until the league can finally rid itself of this deadbeat money grub.

Well, at least I got you to come over to the proper thread.

The Lions need to stop sucking at home. In 2015 they only won 4 of the 9 home games.

If you are going to suck, suck on the road.
Win your home games.
Gotta keep the paying customers happy.

Yet I do agree with you and Bungle. The faster DB sells out , the better.
However , I still respect his many years of service. Now time for him and the Lions to move on.

I guess I have no idea what " roughing the passer " is.

I saw the Ricky Ray play live and on the jumbo board.

If THAT was roughing the passer, I am the Easter Bunny. :roll:

What you didn’t see was the BC defender bending Ricky Ray’s upper torso backwards after the whistle while he was on the ground.

That 15yds every day, my friend.

Well that was the story of the day.

Lions make a good play, but there is the flag. :roll:

Sorry to dwell on this A-51, but my friend just sent me a copy of the game.

The back bend call was lame. No way that should be a penalty. :?

If that is what they are calling now, they might as well put flags on the QG, and make a rule you can't touch them. :roll:

No position in the world of sports is more important than QB. Have to protect them at all cost. Otherwise you end up with a situation like they have in Regina.

If you think the games have been unwatchable thus far, wait until you see The Mitch Gale Comedy Show".

I never said the games are unwatchable.

Why do you insist on misreading everything I post ?