Link to Zuger9's All Time Greatest Line-Up?

I've lost the link to this graphic that gave our consesus 'best' depth chart line-up by position. Who has it? Thanks.

(It should never have come down from the stickies.)

I have it. Not a link but the file itself. It's on a computer at home (I'm away right now). I can send it to you in a day or two if you like.

BTW, he did a masterful job of it, best one I've seen.

What happened to Zuger9 anyway?

I don't know. He's not listed anymore. Somehow I feel that he was one of our old timers and that the gun sounded for him. Sure miss his insights and wise reflections on the team.

I would appreciate the file. I switched computers and forgot to transfer mine. Thanks!

I found it. Click here to view it.

It is the all-time depth chart as of 2005. But I don't think many suggestions on how it can be updated can be made.:slight_smile:

I'm not sure what happened to Zuger9 either. It might have been that Zuger9 simply did not want to bother with being here anymore, and there are times that I could understand that.

But it would be good to see this depth chart here again.

Thanks, BYF.

If you haven't seen the chart... take a look.

Hey Mods, this was worth a Sticky on the old site. Can we post it here? It's great history and it's fun and educational too! (Sorry, a flashback from commercials on Saturday morning TV from 50 years ago.)

If anyone else agrees, please bump. Of course, this may get lost on a game day but who knows?