Link to Help Desk - where should it go?

it’s not easy to find at the moment, especially in mobile view. best way is via link box at top of this forum or small sub-category link from front main categories page. can also get to from the existing static hamburger menu but not easily. i’m looking for user suggestions on where we can make it more accessible? i am hesitant to put another icon up there at top.

i’d like for it to go in the category drop down selector (in desktop view) but i don’t believe i can override that particular Discourse template to include sub-categories on that one. i could if i split the Help Desk into its own category away from this one, which is one option.

the other more preferable option is the user-customizable sidebar / hamburger menu but i don’t think users here are ready for that plug in yet - it’s awesome but will change your user menu appearance a lot.

help desk icon is now a life ring instead of info button.

also spaced out and resized the header icons in mobile view to be easier to tap.