Link to fastest 3 minutes? Good old Chris Berman!

Hey I know some people on here have talked about how Chris Berman showed Milt Stegall breaking the all time CFL receiving mark on the half time of Monday Night Football on his fastest 3 minutes segment. Does anyone have a link to this? I missed it and would love to see it.

A lot of people saw it in the US since this past week's Monday Night game was the highest rated show in cable TV history.

Chris Berman of course is a huge fan of the CFL. He said this while he was in Winnipeg in June. He was on the field and said he was excited to be on the spot on the field where the Bombers stopped the Alouettes on the 3rd down gamble late in last year's playoffs. He said he was glued to the Bombers / Alouettes game even though there were many NFL games on at the same time. Berman has also showed highlights of the Grey Cup in all of his half time highlights packages every year since the early 90s. He has mentioned Milt Stegall before on NFL Countdown (after he broke the CFL's single season TD mark for one) and apparently they are buddy-buddy these days.

Anyway if anyone had al ink to send me to the Fastest 3 Minutes with Milt Stegall on it, that would be awesome!

Yeah I would love to see that

Me too, but sadly it's not on youtube.