Lingerie Football League

This first link is their officail website.

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This second link is a Leaderpost article about Yo Murphy coaching in the LFL.

I understand that the women can play football and that they should have their own league to do so but I see no need to make it so obvious that they are selling sex before football.

I would be okay with cut off jerseys that showed a little tummy but short shorts and no padding on the legs is uneccesary.

I say change the name to the Ladies Football League and give them some better uniforms; perhaps something their fathers could be proud of.

I love how the team names sound like strip clubs… :twisted:

It looks like a beach volleyball outfit. That sport's got the Olympic thumbs up.

thats not football, that's a gimmic!

thats about as much as a real sport as WWE is. XFL has more legitimacy.

The fact that any former CFLer is involdedin that is very sad indeed. :thdn:

Diehard football fan's porn

thats not even hot...what the hell kind of helmets are they wearing...they look like a cross between a shitty welding mask and a hockey helmet

You are probably the only one focusing on the helmets....however, now that you mention it, they are pretty damn ugly :lol:

[b][i]I like football.

I like lovely looking ladies.

I'm sold.[/i]
In all seriousness... Their fathers might not be thrilled with the uniforms, but at least they have some clothing on. It could be worse... They could be stripping or doing porn. Plus it is kinda entertaining. When it comes to Canada on a tv channel I'll be watching. I spoke with Mitchell Mortaza (founder of the LFL) & he said that they have a couple of deals in the works to get the LFL on tv in both the USA & Canada.

i was looking at the helmets cause half of them were NOT attractive they looked like he beasts lol jk it looks dumb tho

Hey, like the Snow Patrol song, if it works, it works. And it works! :lol:

snow patrol is one of the worst bands ever to have recorded music

Listen to their first 3 albums bud, not just the "catchy" stuff of their latest albums. not that I don't like those though. But Songs for Polar Bears and When It's All Over We Still Have to Clear Up and Final Straw. We love this band and love their music, too bad for you. 8)

i wouldnt mind if calgary joined this league...

I'm gonna try and get to a game in January. I will back my findings. :twisted: