Lingerie Football League expands to Toronto

Well this league is starting to show some staying power...


(Las Vegas, NV. – April 12, 2011) – Lingerie Football League, LLC. (LFL) officials are excited to announce the league has officially gone international with 2011 expansion into Toronto. The LFL will premiere its Toronto franchise in Fall 2011 to compete in the Eastern Conference of its US league against the Cleveland Crush, Philadelphia Passion, Baltimore Charm, Tampa Breeze and Orlando Fantasy. Toronto is part of an aggressive five team expansion of the LFL which also includes 2011 markets of Cleveland, Las Vegas, Minnesota and Green Bay.
Apparently they are looking to create a Canadian version as well..
A Canadian LFL league is set to begin play in September 2012 with a (12) twelve week season in (6) six markets, one of which will be Toronto. The Canadian markets currently being considered to play alongside Toronto include Edmonton, Calgary, Saskatchewan, Winnipeg, Montreal, BC, Hamilton and Ottawa.

Might just be interesting! :wink:

I think about as interesting as watching beach volleyball. :slight_smile:

Been to a few games here .. its entertaining .. not like jaw dropping oohh babe entertaining but these girls do play and HIT

Hamilton? hahaha ... bet they could get a stadium built hahahahaha

We have 2 Womens football team here in Columbus Ohio, the Comets, and the Phantoms. I have looked at their websites, and I must say I wouldn't want to see them all in lingerie. I think there was 1 chick that was doable out of both rosters, and thats being generous, because who knows what she would look like under the pads? A cute face does not necessarily lead to a Lingerie body.

That being said, if the LFL actually requires the girls to be attractive, I'm on board.

What's wrong with Women's Beach Volleyball?

Keeps these chicks off the streetcorners anyway!