Lineup Changes For Tonights Game In CGY

Just noted some lineup changes/non changes for tonight's game against the stamps:

OUT - Alex Suber (DB) (still injured), Ian Logan (S) (still not ready), Buck Pierce (still not 100%), Shawn Gallant (9 game IR)

Out For Log Period Of Time - Dorian Smith (DL) (likely done for season, will be moved to 9 game IR).

ON 9 Game IR - Glenn January (T) (out until at least September), Ryan Donnelly (OL) (Out Until At Least Middle Of August), Keyuo Craver (Done For season), Chris Cvetkovic (LS) (Out Until Mid-End August)

IN - Moton Hopkins (DE) (Ready To Go), Courtney Smith (LB), Chris Smith (LB), Marcellus Bowman (LB) (Ready To Go), Mike Renaud (P) (Ready To Go)

NEW ADDITIONS - Bombers addes Training Camp Player (DE) Jarrell Chandler to PR.

Where did you get your line-up info? Is there a link?

The depth chart show Logan and Suber are both in, and Marcellus Bowman is on the injured list.

[url=] ... 074821.pdf[/url]

ya that aint right...

bowman is definately hurt as is renaud and logan and suber are playing for sure. d brown jr goes to 4man.

in.. logan, suber, m johnson,chris smith.
out.. renaud,d brown jr, m bowman, gallant.
lbs = crtny smith, lobo, ike. labbe, m johnson, chris smith.
dbs = jovon, suber, stewart,glover. kent. possibly jules, beleive he has been dressing recently.
s- logan, browne.

crtny smith dressed last week. im almost sure of it. it was chris smith that sat.

dl will be hunt, brown, hopkins, willis. oramasionwu, oduwole.

thats our d pretty much. might be missing 1 or 2 guys or added 1 or 2 wrong guys but.. pretty much.