lineup changes for the Montreal game

-Ranek out (thigh); Davis and Holmes in (like it!) Ranek was playing hurt and it showed; with this move we should be more explosive out of the backfield

-Smith out (ankle); Cheron and possibly Powell in (like it!) For whatever reason, Smith was having an off year opening up holes; I like Cheron's passion, and the Ticats had Powell pencilled in as a starter before he got hurt in preseason

Cox out (finger); Kornegay moves to linebacker and Echols takes over at corner (like it!) Kornegay's athleticism will make this transition easy for him (with his speed, expect him to be sent on the blitz regularly), and Echols must have impressed Reed enough during practice to earn a look at CB. We are accumulating some great depth in the secondary. Hopefully Echols works out, and we also have newcomer Parker (who is playing special teams vs Montreal and could see spot duty, coverage-wise), plus Young (who could start at corner also; he made the west division all-star team at that position last year in BC)

-Pilon in at DL (hate it!); I assume that this is just an insurance move due to injury (our D-Line is banged up across the board) This guy, who did zip in Toronto before being cut early this season, is just a warm body filling a gap; it raises the question: did we draft poorly this year? Is Mayne, who we took in 06 and who should be inserted instead of Pilon, even with the team any more?

I would assume that Pilon is there for Ratio reasons. (injuries to other canadian players like Smith)

surprised they'd move kornegay to LB... is this bad news for armour, hitch and mariuz if a CORNERBACK can take their spot???

According to the article on, Sam Young has been placed on the developmental roster. He will not play against the Als tomorrow. The depth chart and updated roster posted on the site confirm this.

Oski Wee Wee,

According to the depth chart Kornegay is not starting. Armour, Mariuz, and Brooks start. I expect Kornegay will split time in the 3-4 formations with Hitch, much as Cox did last week. Got to say that a move from corner to linebacker is a first. Also, in response to the earlier post Powell is not active. I like Pilon. We need Canadian depth on the d-line, and with Dunbrack looking like he's out long term, he fills a need. If he plays well he'll stick. We're real thin on the o-line, dressing only Felice as a back up. That's a risky decision.

Pilon is capable of playing as a backup O-lineman if need be.

Oski Wee Wee,

Actually guys, i thik when referring to Kornegay taking Cox’s position, they might be referring to those certain situations where coz comes in as a linebacker, but drops back into coverage like a second saftey. they ahve done this alot when playing in a 3-4, with Brooks, Mariuz and armour in at LB, coz drifting back into the secondary. I think the Pilon move isnt such a great idea because it was only this year he switched from Oline to dline and even than he wanst that great at oline. Hes probably brought in only for the depth and wont really be pressed into service unless we’re in too deep of a funk to get out.

Marc Pilon has been a D-lineman all his career. I saw him play at Syracuse where he was a DE. He wasn't able to put much pressure on the QB's playing in Toronto in the their 3-4 defense but I think he will look better in a 4-3. He can also long snap if needed.

how is kornegey bad news for armour.. armour is clearly the startr and is a mondter tackler.. he doesnt have a thing to worry about, the only time they will put Tad in at LB is when they are against passing plays to cahoon up the middle.

what i meant to type (and this was before i saw who was starting on the depth chart) its bad news for them if the coaches think that any of them can be supplanted by a CB.