Lineup and roster settings

Per some previous posts, which I agree with ,, the following positional lineups for tomorrow's game dont jibe with me :

Dressler on P/R ..... no, no , no ..... save him fo SB duties

T. Jackson at DB.... no, no, no.. TJ is a great returner, let him use his energy for that alone
Plug in another DB , and put Jackson where he really excels.. on punt and kick returns

Do not risk Weston to injury back there,, he is a quick little dude,, but too valuable when we are on offence... someone else, Brandon, Sinorice Moss , ,, but not to risk WD ..... way to risky ROI

Per previous post too, back in the Canuck Truck day we had a FB lined up to provide extra blocking for QB,, think that this is a very valid point and something we should go back to... Darian is looking pressed, hurried and unsure of himself lately, a few more moments to think will do wonders

As much as this scares the crap out of me that he will get injured this makes sense in a way. We aren't able to get the ball in our best players hands in the receiving game give him the ball in the return game and lets generate some energy. Every time Dressler touches the ball our fans go crazy! He is the heart of this team and maybe having him on ST will get people amped up! If he gets injured.. I dont even want to think about it. I hope this pans out the way they think it will.