The Cats,as everyone knows, is desperate for offensive and defensive linemen.Without improvement in both areas we will have the same gawd awful team next year.Yet with the NFL ,well into its season and rosters set there has been no massive influx of castoff linemen into the Tiger Cat camp.There must be a lot of talented players available.Certainly our present linemen can't be superior to many that were released or those not drafted.Do we not have any connections stateside?

I'd like to point out that its not just a matter of finding them, but there are many other factors involved. The most significant of which is convincing them to come here.

Look at it from the outside:
Horrible team the last few years.
Lots of turnover of players and staff.
Some may still harbour NFL dreams and wont come to what they may consider to be a second tier league

You would think Obilovich has some solid connections south of the border. Unfortunately Obilovich has been sitting on his hands for most of this season and has not brought in the pieces to the puzzle. If you look at the other team aquisitions - the Tiger Cats fall well short of any other team.

What absolutley infureates me is most other teams find these gems in the ruff and they useually come in and play. For reasons unbeknownst to me the Tiger Cats bring in guys who are cut without a chance to play or become homesick for mommy and leave the team. I believe Obie is over his head and the team lost a very valuable scouting and player evaluator when they gave Mike Mc Carthy his walking papers. Can you think of any player Montreal or Roughies has brought in that has not steped in an out performed the starter?????

A lot of NFL cut players are disillusioned having been turned downed numerous times by NFL teams. Selling the CFL to some is a very difficult propitiation. Selling some of the better known Canadian cities such as Toronto and Montreal is difficult, selling the unknown Hammer is even more difficult. If Obie could talk about it I bet he could tell you some surprising stories about signing NFL cuts to the CFL.

There's a couple of problems with your theory here.

First "there must be a lot of talented players available" well maybe there are some good linemen out there, but when we're talking about the o-line, you have to factor in the ratio. We basically have to start 3 Canadian o-linemen. And I'm sure there aren't a lot of talented CANADIAN o-linemen out there. They are at a premium, and that's why every year teams load up on Canadian linemen in the draft.

Secondly, "our present linemen can't be superior to many that were released." Are you saying you want our cuts back? Say, Jonta Woodard? Probably not. You're probably saying we should pick up some other team's cuts right. Well, the problem with that is that those players weren't good enough to make it on other teams, so why would they be good enough on our team??? If we tried to build our team on other teams' rejects, then we'd just have a team full of rejects!

I think Obie has done an admirable job bringing in replacements on both lines this year. You can't fix everything in one season folks. If you think about it, 3 of our opening day starters on the D-line are gone. I'd say their replacements have been upgrades even though they aren't superstars. On the o-line, we're playing our young Canadians and that's the only way they'll get better. It would be silly to expect them to be all-stars the second they step on the field, so give it time and we might actually develop some home-grown all-stars!

.....released by the NFL.

Rome wasn't built in a day.

Obie brought a lot of DTs amd DLs to Training Camp

Many were youngsters who had good credentials
but it turned out that most weren't strong enough.

A couple Americans were keepers but they haven't
turned out to be the beasts that we all want to see.

Obie's efforts to bring in Tom Canada in a trade
fell apart when he suddenly became medically unfit.

Obie placed several DLs on the practice roster in September
and they were worked hard in one-on-ones with our O-linemen.

It turned out they weren't remarkably better
than the guys who are playing now

to make a change at this time

but some of these guys may be good enough
to compete at next year's Training Camp

Sasha Lancaster is still around he looks like a good one.

Obie earned his pay this year.

Look at our young receivers who are rapidly learning on the job

and the young, CFL experienced d-backs in our rebuilt secondary.

I believe Sasha has let the team becuase he missed his mommy. In any event I don't believe for one minute Obie has brought in the talent that is needed to bring this team forward. Answer this question, why do other teams seem to be able to bring quality players in and play and we get all the other teams retreads? Sadly enough we are CHEAP, CHEAP, CHEAP. This franchise is taking three steps forward and four steps back. While we are at it why do teams like Eskies sign the Kelly Campbells - I will answer my own question - we do not have anyone who can evaluate talent? It behooves me to think Dan Rambo and other deadwood in the front office can idenitfy a pencil.

Sasha is still in camp ... you are thinking of the O-Lineman ... think the name was Luellen.

Sasha got some reps with the first string D today.

He and a few other 2nd stringers. Not a lot, but some.