Lineman top picks for Riders

Any thoughts on the Rider picks in CFL Draft? Interesting they picked Shologan, considering he signed in the NFL.

Scott Schultz was looking towards a NFL career when the 'riders took him in 2001. At that time, some were saying that Schultz was a certain NFL prospect but it worked out well for the 'riders…

Also, o-line prospects Dan Cominsky and Andrew Greene had NFL try outs when the 'riders originally drafted them. They both eventually played for the 'riders, both starting that Grey Cup game when the 'riders got stomped by the Argos. Reggie Slack QB’d the team that year.

Overall, I like this year’s draft. The 'riders drafted the top two defensive linemen available; Shologan and Michael Stadnyk (according to Duane Forde) and a good quality center who still has a year of college eligibility left; Jonathan St. Pierre. I also like Jean-Francois Morin-Roberge who is reportedly very athletic for a big man.

These picks addressed I think the three greatest future needs for the 'riders; replacements for Scott Schultz, Luc Millinder and Jeremy O’Day and perhaps even Gene Makowsky.

I am glad that the 'riders took QB Teale Orban who may be the best Canadian QB ever according to some writers. I don’t know anything about Jeff Zelinski. Hopefully they will both have a role with the 'riders.

The parallels between Schultz and Shologan are certainly there. The risk is always that Shologan actually makes the team in San Diego. We drafted Reuban Mayes taking that risk. That may have factored into the decision to take the second d-lineman. But getting Shologan seems to have been a bonus, well worth the risk. St Pierre seems like a good pick as well, though we maybe shouldn't talk to much about the need to find a replacement for O'day...coughBrian Jonescough...o-linemen are never a bad pick. Which of course makes the next guy, a 4th rounder a good choice. Add in a DB and a QB and no complaints. Obviously once you are into the 4th round, it is a total crap shoot anyway, so adding a DB in the 5th was fine. I like taking Teale with the 6th round pick. Good PR for little cost. I hope we give him a real look see at the QB position, though I see his potential to learn how to play safety or slot as a bonus.
All in all, Alex seems to have done a good job today.
Oh and ET as well...

Brian Jones played both centre and guard at university. I think his future is at guard unless he learns to long snap.

I am very comfortable now with our young O'linemen; Chris Best, Brian Jones, Wayne Smith (relatively young), Jonathan St. Pierre, Jean-Francois Morin-Roberge, Ryan Freeman, Steve Morley and import Glen January.

I think this year's O'line will be January, Smith, O'Day, Abou-Mechrek, Makowsky, Jones, Best and Morley with St. Pierre being here in 2009 and Morin-Roberge being put on the practice roster at the end of training camp. I think last year's backups, Jocelyn Frenette and Marc Parenteau will struggle to keep their jobs this year. Other than injury prone Frenette's long snapping, neither of them have much upside in my opinion. I would rather hang onto the younger guys myself.

I am not certain what the future holds for last year free-agent Freeman. But as Airus says, having a stock pile of O'linemen is always a good idea.

Time will tell with Jones. It just amuses me, that's all, that you talk about replacing O'day, when this is what ET had to say about Jones last year:

"I had an e-mail from someone (Saturday) suggesting, 'Why would you give up a No. 1 pick?' That question makes me scratch my head," said Tillman. "We viewed it as an investment in the future. If you were going to be looking for a centre the next year and you get him a year early and he's a guy that your staff universally likes ... maybe it's my Mississippi education, but I can't quite figure out how that's wasting it. I think most intelligent people view that as an investment in the future."
I chuckled when ET said it last year (I question that Missippi education) and now I am chuckling again.

Pretty good draft. I'm surprised the Riders took a couple of o-lineman with the depth they have. I was really hoping Lumbala would have been available come the Riders second pick but B.C. snapped him up with the pick right before. Classy move picking up Orban. Whether he makes the team or not no one can say that he wasn't given a chance. Shologan will be in green and white by Sept. I don't think he has the size to make the NFL but who knows. One more month until camp!

Oh well... Maybe Jones is another Brian Chiu or Chad Folk? I see him more as a guard ...

I think his future with the team is better than those duds drafted a few years ago. Do folks remember Chris Cowan, Peter Hogarth and Matt O'Meara? I am still wondering what Roy and Danny saw in those boys. But it was pretty common knowledge that Roy Shivers didn't put much stock in the Canadian draft. He never really viewed Canadians as anything more than backups and special team players.

The parallels between Schultz and Shologan are certainly there. The risk is always that Shologan actually makes the team in San Diego. We drafted Reuban Mayes taking that risk…
In the case of Mayes, he was the “territorial exemption” that the CFL used to employ, so a draft choice wasn’t really wasted on Reuben.

Orban’s choice was interesting…hope it wasn’t a “token” selection

Orban was most likely taken because of his overall athletic ability and less likely for his potential to play QB at the CFL level (but as far as Canadian QBs goes, he is susposedly the best one that has surfaced in many years)

Like Airus earlier said, he will most likely be looked at as a slotback/safety/special team player and will only be at best, a number 4 QB. In other words dariderfan, you are correct, he was a "token" selection, especially if one notices the Canadian receivers the 'riders already have :slight_smile:

Regarding Rueben Mayes; I heard that he wanted a shot at the 'riders but at that time, the 'riders felt there was no need to sign him because they were happy with the RB they already had... if memomy serves me correct it was either Tim McCray or Craig Ellis?


Here is Danny and Roy drafts for the last four years they were here. If you look at the list of players, there are some that are starters with the riders. Some have been traded, but that doesn't mean they weren't good selections. Then in some years like 2003 we didn't get a pick until late the draft. I suspect if you went back and checked year by year, Roy and Danny have as many players in the league as any other.

1 3 Fantuz, Andrew WR Western Ontario
2 12 Congi, Luca K Simon Fraser
3 20 Cowan, Chris OL Saint Mary's
3 22 Clovis, Tristan LB McMaster
4 29 Hogarth, Peter OL McMaster
5 37 Alexander, Jesse LB Wilfrid Laurier
6 45 Hughes, Stephen

1 3 O'Meara, Matt OT McMaster
1 4 Best, Chris OL Duke
1 7 Hoffart, Nathan SB
3 21 Kudu, Matt DL Eastern Michigan
4 30 Gagnon-Gordillo, J.O. DL Eastern Michigan
5 39 Cherniawski, Dustin DB British Columbia
6 48 Gottselig, Ryan

1 6 Augustin, Ducamel FB Villanova
3 23 Spencer-Robinson, Walter DB Indianapolis
4 31 Mullinder, Luc DE Michigan State
4 32 Strong, Ryan OL Wayne State
5 41 Zimmer, Craig

3 23 McCullough, Mike LB St. Francis Xavier
4 31 Merrick, Jim OG McGill
5 40 Thomas, Mike WR Regina
6 49 Olenick, Adrian

2 15 Boulianne, Francois OL Laval
3 20 Thibeault, Patrick SB Saint Mary's
4 29 Edwards, Darnell CB Manitoba
5 38 Segovia, Gonzalo DT Eastern Illinois
6 47 Nash, Curtis

What surprised me was the drafting of two defensive lineman. I would have thought they would have went in another direction.

Pretty much an unfounded criticism of Roy, largely based upon him not trading up to draft Clermont. Of course if you ask ET, who actually had two chances to pick Clermont and choose not to, I believe he will tell you that Roy did try to trade up, but there were no takers. You can't force a team to deal with you.

And another interesting aspect is, the same guy is in charge of assessing Canadian talent now, for ET as when Roy was here, Alex Smith. He probably didn't know what he was doing until ET cast a spell on him.

[quote author="dariderfan"]

In the case of Mayes, he was the "territorial exemption" that the CFL used to employ, so a draft choice wasn't really wasted on Reuben.

Orban's choice was interesting...hope it wasn't a "token" selection

Pretty sure he was an actual draft pick...
And while I don't doubt a Canadian kid from North Battleford would have been thrilled to play for the Riders, no way was he ever close to signing with the team...or we "didn't sign him because we were set at RB". Why would you burn a draft pick, then not sign him , etc.?
No, he was just always NFL bound.

Once again. ET compared to Roy. Roy compared to ET.

I was surprised by 2 or 3 picks. But I think the Riders got some good players today. Listened to Tillman on with Mitchell Blair. Sounds high on the DT and OL. The first 2 picks by the Riders.

And once again, I didn't bring it up Austin.
But there is nothing wrong with it either.

Anyway, god I hope ET is high on players he drafted a few hours earlier....
We got 2 real good prospects, and then as with every draft, it is all a crapshoot.

I too was hoping Rolly Lumballa or Sam Gigure would be available for the 10th.

We'll have to wait for many of our picks for NFL tryouts and college. Obviously I'm biased but I don't think the Riders have any immediate needs in the non-import category. Tillman did good. We can afford to wait for these guys.

I think overall, the riders have the best depth at O-line and canadian receiver. Filling up with D-linemen was a good move.

I'm not crazy about trading our 1st round pick in 2009, but no need to panic. Tillman will make a trade to get it back if he likes someone in the 2009 class.

I was a tad concerned over the swap of next years #1 for this years #2 as well. Especially when we are being told in the same breath that we have no immediate needs and are stockpiling for the future anyway. Neither of these young d-linemen will not be at training camp. Drafting is enough of a mystery without drafting into the future.
I know Arash Madani is justifying it as "a strong draft this year, compared to a projected weak draft next year". But it does remain tough to really believe next years, at worst, 8th pick, will be worse than this years 14th. And of course the crystal ball will need to be humming to predict what the team will need next year, this year.
However, what works for this deal is a combination of things. Stadnyk is a Regina boy, born and raised. All other things being equal, that is a positive. We do have an impending need for a d-lineman. Not imminent, but in a few years, so we can wait. And it is likely that were Stadnyk in his final year of college eligibility, he would have gone sooner in the draft.
So he is a solid prospect.
Put in another way, this deal smells a lot better than the Brian Jones deal did last year. I am surprisingly okay with this one.

Do you feel okay?

We did get burned hard on the Brian Jones and Henri Childs deal. As one sided as the deal was, it's really not that big a mistake, but a mistake. Jones and Childs will likely never see the field in a regular season game again.

Maybe I'm just getting so use to ET's big screwed up trades, the little not so bad ones are starting to look pretty good....... :wink:
(even used an emoticon for that one...)

Back to the Jones deal briefly, Jones remains a good prospect. That was never the issue. Trading a 1st round pick for a 3rd round pick, even up, is just generally a bad idea. Especially when it is for a project, not for an immediate impact or need.
To put a finer point on it, can you say Giguere? Emry? Lumbala? Those are just 3 of the prospects we could have drafted if we had not traded for Jones.
But I expect Jones to actually make the team this year, or he might be a bust. But as he was never even on the roster last year, I am not writing him off yet.

A interesting article by Friesen of the Winnipeg Sun.

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