Lineman Question

As I watch again some football in the wintry conditions and see these dudes all go out sleeveless as is their trademark, I wanted to ask any linemen, or anyone who knows any, here if it is true like Dunigan was implying that also some lineman will purposely stink it up as far as their individual body odour for the game?

The more you stink including after a massive meal the evening before, and no shower for a day let's say, the angrier and nastier and better you might play right?

I doubt at this level the stench bothers nasty defensive linemen by nature, but is there some strategy to stinkin' things up like their is with going with no sleeves?

Chuck Norris once shared ancient wisdom in a deodorant commercial in 1992 that the best defence is not to offend:

Does that mean the best offence is when the line smells it up (as opposed to stinkin' it up)?

And one more thing, something tells me also this guy Connolly really reaked for the game to put on a performance like this!

[url=] ... off-return[/url]

That one is for you young linemen out there on special teams too -- notice how he secures the ball above all else including like a loaf of bread down the sideline.

Notice that Connolly was the fulfilment of the prophecy of Peter Griffin:

[url=] ... re=related[/url] (could only find it in German)

I also heard that some lineman will just let one rip when they are all lined up, especially when it's 3rd and 1.

It's the offseason and the NFL action is winding to a close for a good while for all we know too and we have to wait until July unless you are a hockey fan and into that, but damn someone 'fess up here with some tales from the O-Line please.

We demand to be entertained too.

Check out some of these tactics by centre Maurkice Pouncey. He moves the ball up about three times and eventually 4th and a yard becomes 4th and inches.

Yes, some linemen "stink it up"

Many also use a mild oil on their gear so it is harder to grab. An old arse trick is a non sheaming oil (dull) with a nice mix of bitters (ie mosquito spray). The hope being that if you do grab em, then wipe your sucks.

Yea...I forgot to post the link. :oops:

It looked like two first downs to me! :lol: Slick tactics by only a rookie go figure! He's the next Mike Webster I bet.

(for those of you not familiar with the 1970s NFL and the significant legal ruling involving Webster after his death in 2002 as benefits all current NFL players affected similarly whilst playing football)

Well I suppose it remains to be answered by perhaps someone with officiating experience, or someone else who has played on the line, if that move is considered also a false start or if it is merely a false shart? I guess it would be a penalty either way?

Is it true that for some offensive linemen, particularly sometime within a week of to as little as 24 hours before a playoff game, that out of superstition they do anyone of the following?

a) take no shower
b) no change of underwear
c) eat a massive fatty favourite meal of hearty gas-inducing food the night before the game
d) no shaving
e) no change of socks

Lineman and exposed quarterbacks, please do advise.

lol, awesome thread PX.

The only thing even remotely close to this that I know of is Kai Ellice d-lineman in Edmonton? I believe. He used to purposely vomit on himself and let it linger, lol.

The tale of Canadian Danny Watkins, the 2nd-rated offensive guard in the 2011 NFL draft, sure is fascinating.

Things just got more interesting tonight given that there might not even be a draft now.

And so otherwise whilst we wait and see what happens with regard to our football down here, we all demand to be entertained with more tales from the offensive or defensive line.

'Fess up some more now all you linemen.

Lineman food – what do you eat the night before a game the next afternoon? And how much?

Don't know about Ellis, but I was at an Eskimo-Argonaut game in Toronto five or six years ago and saw DL Rashad Jeanty vomit on the Eskimo sideline during the game. He went back in and got at least one sack, and there was talk afterwards that his pass rush was aided by his horrendous puke breath.

Interesting research here from a friend who investigated otherwise the correlation between round chosen in the draft, performance and playing longevity in the NFL ... I wonder about any such trends for CFL linemen with the draft tomorrow?

No wonder these NFL offensive linemen drafted in the first round make megabucks for so long, but wow what a life of serious pain with its own issues.

2010 Season
AFC Draft Round

  • Nick Mangold, N.Y. Jets 1

  • Kris Dielman, San Diego UD

  • Logan Mankins, New England 1

  • Jake Long, Miami 1

  • Joe Thomas, Cleveland 1

          NFC                            Draft Round
  • Andre Gurode, Dallas 2

  • Jahri Evans, New Orleans 4
    *Chris Snee, N.Y. Giants 2

  • Jason Peters, Philadelphia UD

  • Jordan Gross, Carolina 1

1st Round Picks - 5 (50%)
2nd Round Picks - 2 (20%)
4th Round Picks - 1 (10%)
UD - 2 (20%)

Especially any linemen out there, after two games,

Which line is doing the most pancaking?
Which one is the best in downfield run blocking?
Which one is the nastiest as in also smelling things up really bad for the defensive linemen also before the snap?
Best center?
Best two guards?
Best two tackles?

I give up

Centre: Luc Jourdain-Brodeur - Montreal
Gaurds: Patrick Kabongo - Edmonton / Scott Flory - Montreal
Tackles: Dan Goodspeed - Saskatchewan / Glen January - Winnipeg