i have been looking at our linebacker situation and we have a group of linebackers that can get it done.

With what we have right now i think we should do this:

Otis Floyd as our middle linebacker
Markeith Knowlton as the one outside linebacker
and Agustin Barrenchea and Cameron Siskowic rotating it up on the other side
Ray Mariuz on special teams and putting him in here and there doing outside linebacking.

Agustin Barrenchea and Cameron Siskowic can also do the middle at times if they want to mix it up

or since our strength is in the linebackers and our defensive line is weaker we can use a 4 linebacker in Agustin Barrenchea, Cameron Siskowic, Otis Floyd and Markeith Knowlton and have a 3 man front.

If you rotate Augie and Siskowic you will have to make an adjustment to I/NI ratio, something like: Augie in, then take Floyd out and put Mariuz in.

I think we will have enough Canadian depth that we may able to start 8, so then for 1 position can rotate
I and NI.

Since Obie is working on bringing in Oline and D line Talent whos to say the LB,s will be the the strong position on D, IMHO the five year plan is looking good and Ticats will be in the Grey Cup in 2009

I think that we should leave players in positions were they have excelled in. Over the last several years we have brought in star players and shifted them into unfamiliar positions with the end result that they have been ineffective in their play. Ottis is not the answer to our middle linebacker problem. Go and get one in the free agent market or bring in someone to the pre-season camp.

8) Ahhh, how right you are sir. You are a very astute man. That has been this teams problem over the last few years, putting star players in unfamiliar positions, and then wondering why they don't excel like they used too.
  Presently we do not have a proven  MLB on this team.  We sign Otis Floyd, who is a natural OLB, and Obie says we will look at him  as a MLB  !!!  

  Obie did at least say that if Otis did not cut it as a MLB, he would switch him back to the outside !!! 

  Why or why don't they let these guys play their natural position, where they have excelled in the past !!

Sometimes the field gets too wide for an older OLB, Tipper,
especially since most of the season is in the heat of summer.

That could be one of the reasons Wally released Otis Floyd.