Interesting defensive scheme......squeeze 2 in the middle, have them both follow the fake, miss tackles, bad reads...brutal. Easy decisions for next year.........mariuz, sisckowic, Anthony and creehan gone! I have had it! Forget about the score..we were beaten by a third string quarter back, if it wasn't for the interceptions in the end zone?? No contest.

that's a great idea.....................................

You hit the nail on the head Mark77

One thing for sure is that Creehan has to go and I think MARIUZ is not a starter in this league as he is not strong and not fast enough and not big enough ..blockers easily fade him out ...

As for siskowic and Anthony , well they looked brutal going with the flow and getting faked out and all those qb draws too but who knows maybe it is because they are doingh waht CREEHAN wants them to do ....
The only guy on defence worth anything is Thompson at this point

I don't recall seeing a worse defence in hamilton as they have really no big hitters or big play guys and their overall coverages and ability to be easily tricked is terrible after play guys are wide open 0r a fake tricks the team ...for example the 15 yard run by cates on the shovel pass for a td or the td pass to getzlaf he was wide open too ... the need to have db's that can cover nman toman and then not have the linebackers have to back off ....also the nmsot pressing need is a pass rush and there is not one player that has shown anything in that category this year ..the last one they had was keith last year

I also noticed BEVERIDGE was very soft and poor in coverage and missed tackles when he came in as an extra DB.

No kidding,
And what is with this rush 3 and drop 9 into doesn't work! From what I have seen this year, more often than not the pass is completed because the 9 guys are playing zone and the opposing receivers always seem to find a hole to sit in and catch the passs....I should say very SOFT zone.

I would add the Adams, Knowlton, Tisdale and Bradley are legit starters in this league. You are always going to have some weak links on a defence but the Cats have a few too many. Although, just one strong DE that can get to the QB could change a lot.

Most of the QBs in the CFL are too good to give them all kinds of time to cycle thru all of their reads. It doesn't really matter if you drop 42 guys into coverage, since the receiver knows where he is going, he has the edge and will eventually get open. You can't blitz every down cause u will eventually get burnt as well. The key is a good 4 man pass rush that will at kleast give the LBs and DBs a chance.

Until the Ticats get a decent set od D Lineman, it's unfair to judge the LBs and of now they dont have a chance.

Until the Ticats get a decent set of D Lineman, it's unfair to judge the LBs and of now they dont have a chance.

Our DB's played one hell of a game considering all the time that Sask's QBs had to throw the ball.

Anthony and Siskowic have good potential at linebacker but they both need good coaching and solid defensive schemes, both of which we don't get from Denny Creehan.

We desperately need - 1.) a pass rush and 2.) a knowledgeable and competitive defensive co-ordinator or we will continue to give up big scores each and every game.

This has been killing us all year. Just look at all the close games that we lost in the final few minutes... no pressure on the QB leads to big plays.