So...Armour is the starting MLB for Calgary, Auggie is the starting MLB for Edmonton, and the TiCats have linebacker deficiencies. Things that make me go, "Hmmm..."

Yes and Auggie is still a brutal line backer. That guy runs half speed on every play, completely useless.

Barrenchea is brutal against the run and Armour is way too small for a MLB. These deciciencies will hurt Edmonton and Calgary if they both make the playoffs...mark my words.

Hamilton's LB's are fine. It's our D line that is the real problem.

Barr. was pushed around and semi invisible tonight as per usual. Two key Argo TDs in second half were right down his alley.

At least with Moreno you know there's a good player in there somewhere.

Sack Attack.....totally agree with you. It's not our linebackers, it's the D line. Don't think that Obie doesn't see it either. You can be sure Obie and Rambo will be on top of it. Certain players were given a chance to perform and so far, haven't stepped up to the plate.
If the D line doesn't perform against the Esks on Friday, I'm sure Obie will make a couple of changes. :cowboy:

I wonder if today's addition was any indication of Obie's satisfaction with the linebackers, or just a good player available.

One piece at a time. Let's see what Obie does with the under performing Glapser and Beveridge. Safety and Defensive Ends need to be addressed as soon as possible.

Ummm, speaking of small middle linebackers, Zeke isn't exactly tipping the scales either. Armour is bigger than Zeke, even though apparently Zeke is listed at 240. Armour is listed I think at 225 but he's solid muscle. If you remember there were times when Montford was listed around 218, playing defensive end! I wouldn't call him small. Look at the difference between a Joe Montford at 218 and a Markeith knowlton type. Javier Glatt on BC is what I call a small middle linebacker as well. I don't think Armour is undersized considering some of the other LB's in the league.