Linebackers Coach

Has anyone been hired yet?


Otis Floyd we be a great Hire.. or Dan Kepley,

Otis Floyd doesn’t want to coach. Saying “Hire Otis for LB coach” has become the new “Hire Danny Mac as OC.”

Well hire Ben Zambiasi then, he wants to coach.

I have it in black and white from Otis himself on Jan 17th 2012, we were chatting about the Ticats and the coaching changes when he said “Man, I would love to coach for the Ticats”.

Now, realizing that he has moved on and has other business interests, if the opportunity presented itself, if the Ticats wanted him and it made sense for both, I for one think he would be a nice addition. He and the Ticat coaching staff, I’m sure, know how to contact each other. :wink:

All I’m saying is that at one time he did express an interest in being part of the coaching staff. We, as fans, can only speculate as to who will do what. I think the coach knows what he is doing and I’m feeling pretty confident that we will have one of the best teams this team has seen in years. :thup:

Maybe I missed it but who is our DLine coach? Linebacker and DLine would seem to be rather important. :?

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

John Zamberlin

Well, at least they got the Z right!!

Welcome to Hamilton, coach Zamberlin.

I think Creehan will handle the DL himself, Pat.
The team has stated that the hiring of Zamberlin COMPLETES the full time staff:

The Ticats 2012 staff will consist of nine full-time coaches:
Head Coach, Dir. of Football Ops: George Cortez
Defensive Coordinator: Casey Creehan
Special Teams Coordinator: Jim Daley
Receivers Coach: Jeremaine Copeland
Offensive Line Coach: Doug Malone
Quarterbacks Coach: Doug Sams
Running Backs Coach: Ryan Sheahan
Defensive Backs Coach: Nelson Martin
Linebackers Coach: John Zamberlin

Coach Zamberlin has a very fine background and experience could be a real asset to Hamilton and the CFL. Good luck to you coach. :thup:

Two thirds of the coaching staff either have no previous CFL coaching experience or are first-timers at their positions. Anybody concerned about this?

^ Nope.

When Marc Trestman was hired as Head Coach of the Als, he had no CFL coaching experience. He hired Scott Milanovich as his offensive Co-ordinator, that was his first time as a CFL co-ordinator. He hired Tim Burke as his defensive co-ordinator, who had only been in that position for a few games previously with Calgary.

I think we'll be fine.

8) I bet that "Onknight" is concerned about it !! :wink:

Nah. The big boys, Cortez, Creehan and Daley have been around the CFL for a long time. There’s plenty of CFL coaching experience to guide the “fresh blood”.

it is his 1st pro job but Defence is all about reaction…
so I am not really worried about that …

Good luck to new the coaches here