Linebacker Shuffle

It's being reported on The Scratching Post that Kevin Eiben has been moved to 1st team reps and Markeith Knowlton moved to 2nd team. Apparantly it's to address a ratio problem with certain Canadians nursing injuries.

Does everybody buy into this or has Markeith been under-performing? He was noticeably absent last year on the field along with Stevie Baggs. At the time there was blame with DC Cory Chamblin's schemes but by the end of last season Baggs was mysteriously benched. Purportedly to also address a ratio challenge. However in the off-season we know what happened to Baggs. This time by the new regime.

My concern is that Knowlton possibly has not returned to his 2010 Player of the Year form. I would hate to see our linebacking trio broken up. For those of you that have attended training camp sessions, what have you observed of Knowlton's play or abilities this season?

Hate it. Dont mess with what is our biggest strength.

One practice. I wouldn't look too much into it yet.

Whether you like it or not, $$$$$ is also an important issue.

In another area, Dave Stala may have to take a pay cut or else.....leave


Eiben is a very experienced and capable linebacker.
He started all 18 games for the Arblows at corner linebacker for 3 straight years registering over 100 tackles each season!
He is fanatical about his conditioning.
He had season ending knee sugery early last season.
If Ryan Hinds goes out for injury, even for just the nominal 3 plays,we need a capable NI to come on the field to replace him.
An Import goes in at DB for Hinds and Eiben goes in for Knowlton at linebacker
I think Obie acquired Eiben for this type of scenario.

What is a corner linebacker? :?

Not as noticeably absent as he was in overtime of the ESF '10.

Correcting myself above -- should be ESF '09. (vs. BC)

OOPS! senior moment :wink:

8) Kevin Eiben did not have season ending knee surgery last season, as you state.
  He had surgery for a torn pectoral muscle !!

YIKES I am getting killed here!!
Same senior moment :lol:
It was a bad case of knee sugery, which is sugar on the knee,horrible case. :cry:

8)Grover, you can always be forgiven for a senior moment :wink:
 By the way, you were right in your reference to a "corner linebacker"  There was such a thing !!
  That term was used in the old days, for the 2 Outside  Linebacker Positions !!

I doubt money is an issue here.

I would think that Stala would fit the same situation as Eiben now.
With our starting NI receivers in Fantuz and Giguere if one goes down for injury then Stala steps in without affecting the ratio.
$$$$$ are an important issue, I wonder how close to the cap we are?

Hate it hate it hate it.

Oh yeah did I mention I hate it?

I get the ratio issues, but you can't take a guy like Knowlton out of the game. Stupid move. I knew when we signed that blue-teamer something like this was going to happen. Uggghhh.

As for him being absent last year, you can thank Coach Chamblin's defense for that too. Corey Chamblin....ruining defensive all-stars since 2011 lol

I'm really, really hoping that this is a temporary thing with Hinds and Beswick being sidelined. The other option would be to bring Rwabukamba in to replace Hinds. And who would be his backup? Bucknor is the only other NI DB on the team, and he's a rookie.

Another option would be to put Steele on the D-line. But in his case, he has no NI backup, so that's definitely a risky move.

Hinds was a rookie when he started on the corner. I'm up for putting in whoever we can to make sure that Markeith can start at LB. Even if that means.... (vomit) Boulay lol.

I think this is a classic over reaction to something we have heard about practice. This all makes sense, our NI DBs are in shambles right now due to injury therefor Cortez has to devise a plan to accommodate the ratio rule.

Obviously this could be a permanent move but still it was reported once and I have played football, injuries happen and then the entire depth chart will start to look out of whack.

To be honest, Knowlton was invisible most of last season (compared to his Defensive Player of the Year campaign). He clearly was not terrible but he was definitely the weak link out of our big 3.

I'm sick of people blaming Chamblin. People are acting like he tried to bring a new innovation to the CFL with this crazy out of this football world scheme that was doom to fail. Chamblin simply put in a man to man scheme where the responsibilities were to contain the QB and RB and force the QB to make bad decisions. Did it work well? Not really but it is not like he was starting 8 defensive linemen, 3 linebackers and 1 DB, it was a normal base defense.

I played in a defense JUST like this is high school as a D-End (This is for all the people who still have sour grapes about Baggs). I remember my coach telling me "your going to sit here, jam the tackle inside and wait for anything to pop outside". Up until this point I never heard of a D-End doing this, I thought it was useless. My first game i listened to my coach (even though I thought it was ridiculous) and jammed the tight end all game, didnt make many tackles. However my coach told me, when you see that QB in shotgun on second down, pin your ears back and go for it, so I did and I created a lot of pressure on the QB and forced bad throws. At the end of the game I didnt think I played that well, but then my coach told me I was our defensive player of the game. I was shocked. But then i realized, I did my job perfectly, i contained the edge and forced bad passes by pressuring the QB. My point of all this is, Baggs had a bad year because he didnt buy into the scheme, and when he did get to rush the passer (and believe me I watched this TOO many times) he tried his spin move which opposing tackles figured out by watching tape. Baggs played himself off the team because he didn't buy in 100% and that is id say the most key ingredient in a championship team, every man has to buy in 100% to what the coaches are saying.

A linebacker in this type of scheme should still make a bunch of plays because his d-lineman are clogging up the o-linemen so the backers can roam free.

I dont think Knowlton is done in Hamilton, just ratio issues and by the sounds of it we MIGHT have signed Boulay so maybe our ratio experiment will be over.

Actually, I'm with you on this. As it's still preseason, throwing Rwabukamba in wouldn't a bad idea. Give him some reps against some starting receivers. And if he doesn't work out, at least we know, and then we make the Eiben-for-Knowlton switch as a last resort until we find another NI DB (Boulay, as you say?).

Speaking of vomit, I got a bit of a scare when I was looking at our roster to see who Rwabukamba's backup would be. When I sorted by position, last year's roster showed up for some reason. Gave me a case of the shivers, if you know what I mean.

Problem is Rwabukamba can't stay healthy. IIRC he was on and off the injured list last year and now he's been hurt for most of this year's training camp.