Linebacker John Grace Released

This is truley sad John Grace being released today.

Linebacker John Grace wasn't at practice Monday. The Als made no formal announcement, but he has been released. Fellow linebacker Timothy Strickland is unlikely to face Winnipeg Thursday after suffering a hamstring injury against the Tiger-Cats. ... Guard Paul Lambert (shin contusion), wide-receiver Kerry Watkins (ankle) and cornerback Davis Sanchez (bruised heel) didn't practise. Free-agent receiver Scott Mitchell has been signed. He played three games indoors with New Orleans of the Arena League last season. - The Gazette

Why did Calgary even let this guy go? Seems to me Creehan just likes rotating players out that fall out of favour with him, regardless of their talent.

Good question but word was that Grace was not as good as he use to be. I thought he played well and it was more of a salary dump.

Grace hasnt been the same player since he had the bad
groin pull. Usually surgery can fix it, but at his
age is it really worth it?? Without surgery groins will
get strained easily and often.

Too bad at one time he was awesome.

Man, dude used to be amazing for a couple years there. I hope some team picks him up.

How did Grace free-fall so fast?

I thought he was great in Calgary a few years ago, now he just gets released.

Maybe it is salary related???

And before going to the Als, I thought the Lions should have tried to sign him

the guy should go play in the AAFL.