Linebacker help.

I think we could use help at our linebacker positions;why does Montreal make it look so easy to re-tool every year.Latest example John Grace one of the best backers in the league.How come guys like that never end up in the Hammer?

If I were Desjardins, I would take a serious look at Kidd as a free agent LB. He is a vocal leader. Yes, he's older. But still very passionate, intense and able to contribute. We need some field generals out there on D: guys who will get in other guys' faces if they screw up. Kidd can do that. And we could probably get him for a cheap price.

I think John Grace has lost a step. That's why he lost his job in Calgary. That doesn't mean he can't still be effective though. If we could get Kidd cheap under $100 G's I would look into it. I like what both Nattiel and Moreno bring to the table though can't wait to see those guys in action.

We do not need any linebacker help.
That is the only position that has been recruited.
I have said it before, Zeke Moreno will be right there for defensive team MVP this year as MLB. We also signed Nattiel from Florida, we have David Dixon returning plus Auggie, Hitch, Renard Cox, Ray Mariuz, Armour and 2 other Imports to check out in Jamacia Jackson and Malcom Portell.

How many LBs do we need?

Kidd would make for a great backup, but i dont want to be watching a team that has kidd starting...

and we definitely can't afford to be paying backup players what Kidd will probably cost.

I think we should reserve judgment on Moreno until he steps foot in camp, don't you?

Don't really thing Kidd is the answer. Regardless of who we have coming into camp, we really need help here. The middle of our defense has been terrible the past couple of years, particularly against the pass. We constantly give QBs too much time, give up too many passes in the middle of the field, and have had terrible tackling in the middle of the field.

If this D is to get better, we must get stronger in the middle. That means MLB, Safety, and DT. End of story.


Nattiel and especially Moreno should surprise. For me, it's a question of adding depth. Depending on the tag, Kidd might be a good fit.

Oski Wee Wee,

Doubt he'll want to play backup on a rebuilding team though...