Line-Up Changes?

Sounds like Barker and Bolden will be back in, putting Reid and Smith out I guess, and we might see Stala punting and kicking-off. Anyone expecting any more?

All I've heard about Argo changes is that their former KC Chief WR Jeffery Webb will be back in after missing 4 weeks with a groin injury.

O.K. Half right. From last week's 46-man roster, the two scratches are MacKay, who dressed, and Fish was one of the 4 on Reserve.

Best guess for this week's Reserve List -- Long, Smith, Ike Brown and Ramsay. Here's the updated Depth Chart:

My guess is Smith, Reid, Brown, Ramsay

The Depth Chart is out.

Bauman's back. No Nicholson or MacKay.

Wilbur will be punting.

Heyward is back but not starting.

Issac Brown in for James. I'm assuming Brown is better at run stop.

Albert Smith comes out.

From the 46-man roster, as published, 3 of the 4 Reserves will have to be Imports.

My bad, i wasn't aware of that.

Gagne-Marcoux won't be facing his old teammates, having been put on the Argos' 1-game Injured list.

Here's their Depth Chart:

Does anyone know what's wrong with Nicholson?

The 4 Reserves have been named pre-game as Long, Smith, Ramsay and JAMES rather than Ike Brown. The Cats are obviously concerned about Boyd's running.