line-up changes week 3

Chevy in Gable out,Wojt to start at tackle,O'Neill at guard.Starting 4 can. on O-line,MacKay and Stephen dress for special team depth.E.Harris moved to starting SAM,Parks not dressing(3rd SAM LB in 3 weeks),Brown moves in at CB,Bucknor backs-up,Fantuz still out,thats it for now,the shuffling continues,could be more changes yet to come.Stay Tuned!!!!! :rockin:

As for the sam linebacker why not just put knowlton back there as it seems to be a revolving door just like last year

Is Gable really injured, or just benched?

Not good that we’re still missing our starting OTs and DEs. That could be our downfall like it was last week. Can this O-line protect Burris against the sack-leading defence? And can they maintain pressure AND containment on Pierce?

Still not comfortable with all the repositioning at linebacker. JJ is good, but it sounds like everyone outside the coaching staff would prefer him back WILL and Knowlton back at SAM. I guess the coaches still aren’t sold on our young MIKEs.

Brown is starting? Can he duplicate his performance from pre-season, or at least come close? I really hope so, that it wasn’t just that he was covering rookies. (Please, please, please, please…)

I like Erik Harris and Raymond Brown, let's see if they can get it down when it counts.If Browns anything like he was in the pre-season we have our 5+ INT DB that we've been craving.

Bucknor may be one of the reserves.
Comforting to see this week, it's a "more experienced" line-up. After last week's 12 players making their Ti-Cat debuts, this week it's just 2 (Brown, Stephen) plus first appearances, this year, for 3 (Walker, Husband, MacKay) who've played before.

Marshall starts at defensive end, which is interesting.

I like the insertion of Brown into the line-up.

I actually like what I've seen out of Erik Harris so far, but well see how he handles that SAM linebacker position.

It's hard to believe James Patrick continues to be the best option at safety, because he is just horrid.

Can't wait to see Courtney Stephen, even if its only on special teams.

I'm also excited to see Chevon back in the line-up. The offence suffered from a lack of speed the first two weeks, IMO.

For some reason, my gut feeling is that we'll win on Saturday.

Depth Chart released....update Moore,Boudreaux,Coughlough all listed on 46,Hinds,Gable moved to 1 gm i.l. Inkersoll demoted to practice,Husband dresses(only reserve o.l. on list).MacKay will be #81. Total team roster now at a staggering 76 players(22 I.L. 9 practice,46 active)Kinda makes ya wonder why they even bothered with a training camp.Seems like if you showed up ya made the team!!! :smiley: :rockin:

Plesius dressing ?

Yes. He played specials last week.

plesius on 46 listed as 3rd string mlb wearing #33 :slight_smile: :thup:

Thanks, good luck this weekend. Bombers have a tough defense…


It's hard to believe James Patrick continues to be the best option at safety, because he is just horrid.

8) I agree wholeheartedly. No wonder Regina released him.....he has no speed left at all !! :roll:

Excited to see Craig Marshall starting at DE.. Would have preferred to see Bucknor at Safety but I guess Patrick gets it due to ratio??

Game Day Roster break down 3 qb,2 rb,2 fb,6 rec,6 ol,2 k,1 ls,4 de,4 dt,8 lb,8 db.Ratio breakdown 3 qb/22 can./21 amer. Translation=4 man reserve=2 can. 2 amer. who do think doesnt get a shirt on game day? Just a guess but im thinking Can. will be lb-Beaulieu,db-King....Amer. 2 of a possible 3 de-Norwood,lb-Couglough or lb-Bussey Thoughts? Opinions? :? :slight_smile: :rockin:

For Hamilton Austin is playing for the long term and not the short term. That being said a win would be nice but I think that everyone can see what he is doing. He has brought in a ton of players and has a ton of rookie and second year Canadian Players who have been selected through the draft.
I like that Stehpen is finally healthy and ready to get in there for specials. If I can recall correctly the move to Northern Illinois was to get him to the NCAA DI level and prepare him better for life in the CFL as a Safety and special teams player in the future.
Plesius has put himself a year behind where he should be with the foolish move to return back for a 5th year in University. I truly understand the need to get your degree but with a year red shirt at Baylor Combined with 3 at Laval should have had him pretty close to a degree and unlike a Norman who had a special circumstance he still played a half a season and then returned. The Laval Corp with the rep of taking care of its players and having deep pockets could have helped in this situation. The CFL season and TC are set up very nicely where a player can play a full season and return to school for the second semester. With Plesius not being a CIS player the Laval Corp could surely have a fund for such players like plesius to get them to the CFL and then pay for the winter semester of classes which would not be illegal because he is no longer a CIS player. With first class facilities he would still be able to work out with the team perhaps even being paid as a LB consultant. Missing Ti Cat Mini Camp but coming to TC in football shape.
He could perhaps be the starting MLB and JJ back at Will and Knowlton at Sam would seem a nice fit.
Patrick playing safety right now is a case of a veteran presence on the back
Simmons is the real deal at OT as well as i think Marc Dile is but Figs not so much. If Dile is unable to play Wojt is more expereinced and probably better than Figs so moving him to RT and moving some and Moving a solid interior Canadian as O'Neil in at starting OG makes sense. Who knows Wojt who played OT at DI Central Michigan may be ready to be a starting RT heading into his 5th pro season.
All things that Austin will be working with during the first 6 games. CFL Coaches break the season down into thirds so by week six he will have some of his questions answered. The Middle six will determine what the Cats will go down the stretch with.
If you look at what Toronto did last season this is exactly what Milanovich did.

As the media isn't miked during the coach's day before media conference, I couldn't make out the question which led to Austin's comments about a player being claimed off the Practice Roster by another team. I'm guessing that some team, perhaps WPG, put in a claim for Beaulieu-Richard, which caused the Cats to put him on the 46-man roster in order to keep him. Anybody know which player and which team were involved?

He didn't practice this week, so I'd say injured.

King will probably be on the 42 because he’s the backup long snapper with Fortin out.
Unless they have another LS I’m not aware of.

In an article in the Journal de Québec, Richard Boutin explained what happened. Winnipeg did indeed claim Beaulieu-Richard off Hamilton's practice roster, whereupon the Ticats placed him on their 46-man roster in order to keep him.

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merci Bloke.
Here’s an easier to understand, for most of us, version of what occurred:

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