Line-up Changes vs. WPG - 31/7/14

More than expected:
Butler, Banks, Hazime, Boudreaux, Caldwell and Moore all to the Injured List and Reed back to the Practice Roster.

Added to the Active Roster -- Lawrence, Murray, Filer, Landry, Hall, Coleman and McDuffie.

With Filer @ C, O'Neill starts at LG. Bowman moves to MLB. King starting @ S is the only defensive backfield change. Coleman takes Boudreaux's spot at DE and Hall is back on the D-line in place of Moore. Koch is listed ahead of Ellingson, which might be a sign that 82 will again be the INT Reserve.

Depth Chart is on here

[url=] ... otes-stats[/url]

We'll Austin has said that he'd be using the first 6 games (give or take) in order to evaluate things and find out what they have and what's the best mix of players/positions.

Not surprised to see Moore switched out for Hall. Message; no more penalties. Don't do it. Same goes with Coleman in for Boudreaux. Message; your job is to get to the QB. Do it. I believe they sit Boudreaux rather than Norwood because more is expected as far as dropping back into coverage & covering rb's releasing into the flats with Eric's boundary side DE position.

Reed goes to the practice roster because of unsatisfactory play Saturday with penalties. Also because of his passport. Hard to carry an import backup LB, especially one of the interior LB spots, within the confines of roster numbers & the ratio. As far as backup SAM, it was between Harris & Caldwell & Eric played well last week.

Quite interested to see McDuffie play. Have seen him play at UCF. Lots of tape & exposure since he played with #3 NFL Draft pick Blake Bortles. The kid is fast & shifty & elusive with good hands & even better ball skills & field vision. Excited to see what he can do.

Agree with other assessments, Koch over Ellingson on game day. I believe Carey stretches the field vertically better than Greg.

Also quite interested in seeing Mike Filier start. I believe he's the blue-chipper they want at centre for many years to come.

Think I'll make sure I'm early & in my seat tomorrow night ... Don't want to give Coach Austin any reason to bench me!

As usual, am impressed by FenderGuy69's points. A small point: Assuming Ellingson sits, four of Medlock, Madu, Hall, Harris and McDuffie will be DIs. Those of us worried about King at safety can hope that Harris will not be a DI so he or Murray can more easily go back to safety if need be.

Here is a better image of the Depth Chart to go with FG69 great input

Wow,if my calculations are correct this years version of the Cats are well on there way to breaking last years record mark of having the most players used in a season,which was 88 different players that played at minimum at least 1 game in 2013.It's only game #5 and so far this young season has seen the team use a total of 61 different players already.

as best as I can keep track,here is the breakdown by position of every player who has suited up at least once this season


I think I've listed them all so far,but I might have missed one or two,so far the total is at 61 not including the fact that we still have players such as Dyakowski,Dile,LaMar,Aprile,Reinders,Scott,Atkinson who are all currently listed on the IL and have yet to suit up this season. The team has including the active and IL combined a staggering total of 66 players in all on the current roster,add in your 10 practice roster players and your'e looking at a total player list that sits at a 76 man roster as of this game with 13 more games to go in the season after tonight's game against the Bombers !!!!

Banks was getting more and more involved in the O these past few games. He was a big part of the misdirection plays last game and a lot of that was set up with pre-snap movements. I think he might be the loss most felt by the team. Sure McDuffie can return kicks and punts in replacement, but given his short time in camp I don't think he will fit into the O very well. If they want to run the same packages they do with Banks I'm not sure who they would have step in. Koch, maybe? Madu? Tough to replace that speed and his depth of knowledge/comfort in the offence.

FenderGuy69 stated:

"We'll Austin has said that he'd be using the first 6 games (give or take) in order to evaluate things and find out what they have and what's the best mix of players/positions."

Should have done this in pre-season, why waste regular season games to find who should be playing where. I realize that playing under pressure is a lot different than practices and exhibition, but let's get this sorted out fast.

Just as a sidebar to my original post,out of the 61 players who have dressed so far this season only 27 of them have dressed for every game so far,leaving a whopping 34 players who have missed or not dressed for at least 1 game this season,and it's only game #5 !!!!! with still 13 more games to go till the finish line of the 2014 season.At this rate the team will have no problem surpassing the league record of 88 set last year by this same organization.

8) Why would McDuffie not fit into this offence very well ??
  He has been here since the opening of training camp, and has practiced with them every  day since.

   Let him have his chance and show us his stuff !!  Madu as you say has hardly played the RB position since he got here,
   only as a back up to Gable.  Granted he does play some special teams also.

    Let's see if McDuffie lives up to his press clippings !!  Be interesting to see what he can do.

    If he doesn't get a chance, we will never know !!  He obviously impressed Austin enough to get this start !!

I'm not suggesting he wouldn't ever fit in, just that he probably hasn't had the reps to run the same packages that Banks can run. Banks has been in the offence since last season so he probably is more familiar with it. Besides, a lot of the pre-snap and misdirection movement require timing. McDuffie and Madu probably aren't sufficiently prepared due to lack of first team reps and thus not as in sync with the rest of the offencive players. You don't want a collision in the backfield to mess up the plays or cause a turnover.