Line-up Changes This Week

Other than the question of starting QB, it sounds like Davis' return may be the only change from the Edmonton game. I wonder if maybe Adrian Baird will dress instead of Reid. Has anyone picked up any other possibilities for change this week?

8) I would imagine that Davis will play Monday also.
 I can't see Baird dressing for this game, since he has only been with the Cats for a few days now,
 plus the fact that he hasn't played this year !!

 Only other possibility could be Garrett McIntyre, who reportedly has been practicing with the team
 this week.

 He certainly would be a welcome, and valuable addition for this game !!!

 Not sure how his hamstring is though. at this point  !!!

Although Adrian Baird is listed as a DT, ottawacat,
he was brought in to replace LB Augie Barrenechea

on Special teams while he is on the 9 game injury list.

Garret Mc Intyre didn't practice
with the Defence this week, Tipper,

Garrett worked hard by himself on agility
and dragging a heavy sled around behind him.

With Augie out for the Edmonton game, Reid was added to the roster. My suggestion is the possibility that Baird might go in this week, sitting Reid again.

8) Right Ron. I see now that Garrett tried to work out with the team on Tuesday, but only made it
  through half the practice  !!!

  Someone else on here (not you Ron), had reported that he was working out with the team this
  week  !!!!      <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: --> 

  Too bad Garrett won't be ready to go this game  !!!

Arrrrrrgos likely to make three changes, including Belli (Labour Day wouldn't be the same without him) and a CB making his first CFL start instead of Byron Parker, who Bruce was expecting to line-up against.

Here is a link to the depth chart for tomorrow's game:

Davis is starting again, as expected. Adams and McIntyre are not listed there, as expected. No QBs are listed on the depth chart at this time.

Thanks for finding that BYF. I was looking with the Game Notes and the chart isn't yet there. What you've found appears to be a work in progress by the communications staff to be completed for today's walk- through. The fact that Baird's name is there would mean he has been transferred from PR to the Active Roster and it's most likely he'll play with Reid going back to be one of 4 on Reserve, as he has been most of the season.