Line-up changes @ Edmonton

I like the receiver line-up with Tyms back inside for the first time since Toliver went down in Game 1 and Aultman on the outside for his pro debut. Also worth a shot is Hill, playing his first CFL game @ Safety.
Question marks, though, -- Unamba will be our 5th starting Boundary Corner in 6 games and a guy we cut from Training Camp plays his first game of the year and, it's @ a position (SLB) he started at only 1 game last year.

For Edmonton, quite a few changes (8) from their last game:

So Stephen is not starting anywhere in the defensive backfield??? I thought he was one of our stars. Has he not played well? He has to be better than what I've seen out of Rogers.

Agreed. If we’re going to start Hill at S, why not Stephen at corner?

  1. Yes, big question mark starting Unamba at CB, considering he has only joined the team about 4 days ago.

    As far as Ellis goes, he was one of the weak links in the DB backfield last year, constantly missing tackles
    and getting beat. He got released in Training camp, only to be brought back now because of injuries ::slight_smile:

  1. As a side note....the Argos have placed Johnny Sears on the injury list !! ::slight_smile:

Elliot out, big target sure hands?

Kanneh right back to the 6 game list.... oooooff