Line Play

In the stadium it looked like both our lines got beat. The O line seemed to be instrumental in helping Zach learn to improvise and run out of the pocket. :oops: He responded well, but he had to run far too many times.

The D line got penetration on some plays and got some stats but most of the time it looked like Ray had all the time in the world on many plays. Pressure didn't seem consistent.

From home, with replays and close-ups, did it look any better? From our seats we were actually surprised that we were ahead. But then again, experts we ain't.

I agree totally.I couldn't understand how the TV announcers went on and on about the ferocious ticat rush and made little mention of the Argo ' s. Rae for the most part just stood and found open receivers.

Watching on tv last night, I noticed that we didn’t blitz near as often as we have in the past few games. Most of the time, when Ray had extra time, we were only rushing 4 and at times 3 linemen. When we did get pressure and sacks it came off of the excellent play of those linemen (specifically Norwood and Laurent). We did run some blitzes but not nearly as often as the past 5 or 6 games. IMO the way to beat Ray is by getting pressure and we did not do that.

Ray will pick apart any blitz. IMHO, we have not yet been able to disguise our blitzes enough to defeat Ray. For Example: Safety blitz in the 4th quarter, Owens vs Harris with no Safety help = TD blew team.