line men wanted, offense and defence ,no experiance needed.

All this talk about QB's and receivers....can nobody else out there see how weak our lines..offense and defense have been and still are? No QB could shine when he has to run for his life the minute he touches the ball. Old Mosca and company would be ashamed to be seen in public if they played like that. They can't block therefore they get holding penalties, and ruin what good plays are made. Why can't the coaching staff correct this ? Maybe some young hungry colledge kids are willing. You know, the ones who can move left and right.

How about Wayne Smith?

You're right. The team managed just three points until late in the 4th quarter when it no longer mattered and they couldn't stop the Als either. In other words, the Cats played poorly everywhere including both lines.

However, I hope it was just opening night jitters and they'll improve over the next few games because it's impossible to rebuild a team in the middle of a season.

An Argo-Cat fan

olines are usually the unit that takes the longest to gel together.

The O-line should be our strongest unit out there. These guys were all here last year and played well. They definitly did not come of the ball quickly and were basically manhandled by the Als. :cowboy:

Well, that's half true. The O-line were great run blockers last year, they never could pass block and still can't. Yes, it's a problem.

As for d-line, I thought we let Armour go so that we could "beef up" the d-line that would start 4 Americans. Releasing your second leading tackler because you're hell-bent on adding a yet to be named American to another position was the ultimate blunder. I have to wonder if there wasn't some other reason for not bringing the big dog back, but we know darn well that it was not his attitude. The linebacking corps sorely misses him, that was obvious. There's no beef back there and they will be pounded on the ground all year long. Nevertheless, the point is that the d-line was not improved by this move. The running backs came through the line nearly untouched every time. None of those backs are all-stars, but everyone looks like all stars against the Cats.

Every year teams run wild against the Cats, break records, having personal bests, dancing and laughing all the way to the bank and we look like the biggest joke to ever hit the field. Okay, I'm getting off topic now. The end.