Line injuries force Ticats into roster-revamp mode

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With guard Peter Dyakowski (knee) and import defensive tackle Torrey Davis (hamstring) both sidelined, Hamilton coach George Cortez has decided to make a number of additional changes in order to comply with the league’s ratio rules that require each team to start at least seven non-import players.

“We’re looking at a whole bunch of different scenarios. We had four different possibilities and we’re probably down to two now,? Cortez said.

Last week I got the sense that Cortez' relaxed, "have fun" approach following the losing streak worked against Montreal. The team looked relaxed, not under pressure. Excellent execution and minimal penalties.

From the same article,...

Cortez played the video for Kenny Chesney’s The Boys of Fall on the big video screen at Ivor Wynne Stadium as the team finished practice Wednesday. The eight-minute version features a number of prominent football personalities talking about having fun while playing the game. “I like it. Like I told the players, it reminds of me of why we got involved in the game, because it was fun and then it blew into something else as life went along,? Cortez said. “You hope they serve a purpose when you do those things. I know we had pretty good attention.?

Looks like they’re going with Non-Import Eddie Steele at DT to adjust for import Hennessey replacing Dyakowski @ guard.

I also see that Chris Rwabukamba is backing up Hinds @ field/wide side corner. Obviously this gives them flexibility to go with two Canadian corners & an all-American defensive front should they wish to & the situation dictates.

Interesting that #92 Jacquies Smith comes into town & goes right from the practice roster to the active in less than a week. Injuries obviously create the opportunity. Hope he’s learned about the 1 yard rule!

Guessing they can juggle Stala & Campeau-Charbonneau & Stephenson in & out of the line-up as well to be onside with respect to the ratio.

Much better depth than last year when such situations saw them go get a guy out of retirement!

Can’t wait for kick-off!

I'm a little concerned with the use of Steele on the d-line with no NI backup. If he has to leave the game for some reason [knock wood], they would need to switch out either an import linebacker or DB for a non-import.

After thinking about it, I realized that Steele is the eighth non-import starter. So it all depends on who the three DIs are, or more to the point who the "undesignated" import, i.e. the 16th import who isn't a starter but is eligible to enter the game unrestricted at any time. If it's one of the backup d-linemen, then no problem. If, on the other hand, that UI is on the offence, e.g Walker (allowing him to come in for, say, Stephenson and be on the field together with Cobourne), then my concern about Steele's lack of an NI backup is still valid.