Lindsey Lamar?

Does anybody know how he's doing? Will he back? I see that he is still on the roster but nothing was really said about him all year after taking that head shot. He sure was a promising PR/KR, much ore dangerous than Tavoy Moore in my opinion.

According to his bio on the Ticats web site he was signed just last year. That should mean he's ours at least this year. I think we'll find out more at or after training camp.

I hope he comes back. That was a really rotten head shot he took from Steinauer. I didn't like that one at all.

Head shot from Steinauer ... confused :?

that’s DL Levi Steinhauer from the Riders, not DC Orlondo from the Cats.

and yes, it was a vicious helmet to helmet shot and has no place in the game.

Riders defensive lineman Levi Steinhauer.

The CFL Officials have penalized and fined other players in the league for far lesser hits than the head shot by the Riders Defensive player on Lindsey Lamar, truly uncalled for, just another discrepancy of our officiating in this league and the willingness by CFL rules makers to protect players.

I may be misinterpreting your comment but as I recall, Steinauer WAS fined for that hit on Lamar - and deservedly so.

Steinhauer was fined for a dangerous and illegal hit on Hamilton Tiger-Cats kick returner Lindsey Lamar during that game.
The amounts of the fines were not disclosed.
Also from what I saw he was on the field doing light practices on the last week of the season at Mac!

I think Austin has found his returner in Banks. His eyes lit up when they signed him and he did do the job on returns. He has pro expereince in the NFL where Lamar was a rookie.
When signed Austin also talked about his ability as a receiver. Although that was in question while in the NFL and was not used much as a receiver in Hamilton it does not mean it is an area where Austin could see improvement from him and could dress as a 4th receiver to the starting 3.