Lindsey Lamar released

According to Ticats twitter account. I gues he has not recovered from his concussion.

Hamilton Tiger-Cats ?@Ticats 8m
The #Ticats have released international RB/KR Lindsey Lamar. #CFL

It sucks, career ended on a BS hit. :thdn:

two BS hits actually.

the fact that Lamar suffered the second concussion in his very first game back after sitting out for nearly a year is still unbelievable and angrily resonates with me.

the poor kid never had a chance and could have been a star in this league.

That is terrible. I knew when he got the 2nd concussion (on another dirty hit) that it was over for him. I wish him all the best and I hope he doesn't suffer permanent issues from the concussions.

That's a damn shame,I feel really bad for the guy.My son and I were at the Rogers last year for the season opener and witnessed LaMar on the opening kickoff take it to the house for 6 the first time he ever touched the ball as a Cat.I agree 100% that if LaMar could have stayed healthy he could have been something really special and a true STAR in this league for many years to come.Best of luck to you Lindsay in your future endeavours in life,it's a shame that your career as a Cat was only 4 games long :frowning: cause we sure could have used a player of your caliber this season. :cry:

That's too bad, he should team up with Arland Bruce to get compensation for is work related illness and sue the CFL like they did in the NFL?$

sarcasm cats99?

It's too bad I wanted to see Lamar do well he had the potential but I guess the two concussions got the best of him and you certainly do not want to fool with a brain injury it has shortened the life of many a good football player.

The Sad part in this case is the CFL is to blame, the officials are brutal and haven't been calling the head shots, when Odell Willis teed up on Zach Collaros with a dirty intentional head shot, it wasn't called, later the CFL had to fine the player but after the fact and what a measly fine, how about if a player like Willis would receive the same number of games out that Collaros was injured for and with No pay and hold the CFL Officiating accountable as well.

It's guys like Kim Murphy who stink and need to be fired from the CFL Crew, he gives other good ref's a bad name, the game he refereed in Montreal on the weekend was just BRUTAL, the Montreal DB had a hold of Luke Taskers jersey and No call, No call on the head shots by Montreal defenders, No call on three horse caller tackles, maybe next time Kim Murphy ref's a game the lineman should line him up for a Big Hit, take him out and maybe that might knock some sense into the worse ref in CFL history!!!

Not at all they should follow what the NFL is doing and take care of these guys also the same in the CFL :thup:

Cats99 Agreed!!

in theory i guess they should but than again. 750 million dollars would fold this league faster than i do with a 3-7 offsuit