Lindsay Lemar

With Banks and McDuffie on the IR why is Lamar on the practise squad and Koch returning kicks? Other than the two blatant
heads shots, Lemar looked more than capable. Did Lemar fall between the cracks and get lost in the shuffle?

I definitely missed this news. Looking at the CFL transactions page, he came off the six game injury list on August 14, was released the same day, and immediately placed on the practice roster. Very bizarre, especially given the other injuries. There must be an issue with his performance coming off his injury.

If I remember correctly from one of Drew's practice updates before Labour Day, Lamarr was doing some return work in practice. Considering that he only played a handful of games last year and has not really played this season AND has suffered two concussions, he may just need some time to get himself back to form and game shape. I do hope that he is given another chance to show his speed - he was pretty good when he was healthy.