linden gaydosh and alex hall released by carolina panthers

Just reported by Drew Edwards.

Not sure if Gaydosh is healthy, but wouldn't it be nice to see DE Alex Hall come off the edge for the Ticats coming down the stretch?

Don't tell me HAM could actually sign another "wasted" pick ? Good heavens.

Apparently Gaydosh isn’t too interested in playing for Hamilton in the CFL when his opportunity in the NFL is done but he does have an interest in playing for his family and friends in Calgary if he returns to Canada, so maybe Austin should trade his rights to Calgary and make a trade for Drew Tate, might have to give up a back up QB as well but it could be worth it.

Gaydosh has never said that he doesn't want to play for Hamilton.

No, but there's been plenty of subtext. Even at the CFL Draft, he was downplaying the idea of playing for Hamilton. He "uhh, wanted to see what options were out there before anything would happen". So, besides refusing to report for camp and that remark, he's shown little to no interest in coming north.

Call me a cynic, but for my money, the most that the Cats can hope for is the ability to trade his rights at some point. Linden Gaydosh is unlikely to ever suit up in black & gold.

This may be Corey Mace all over again...we got him, he went everywhere but Hamilton trying to sign...we thought we'd get him after Buffalo cut him, but traded him to Toronto for Arland Brude...

Never mind Drew Tate...not gonna re-litigate the folly of trading for an injury waiting to happen...but if you trade a potential Canadian starter on the D-line, you get back a first-line Canadian starter...a Ben Aguiar or a Brander Craighead...bottom line is that Gaydosh will NEVER make an NFL roster, so he'll be up here, sooner rather than later if he wants to play

The way he played Ham during the draft, the Cats should hang tough with this guy. Dressler was also cut by the Chiefs :cowboy:

So in other words he said pretty much the same thing as Plesius ? who was another "wasted" pick ?

8) Should be interesting to see where Weston Dressler ends up now, after being released by the Chiefs today !!
  The Argos were rumoured to go hard after Dressler if he didn't make the Chiefs !!

  Apparently he wasn't given much of a chance to make it with the Chiefs, hardly even being looked at there.
   One source blamed his lack of size, along with the competition he had to beat out in Kansas City.

    I would imagine he will end up back in Regina, but he will certainly have to consider the big, big bucks that the Argos
     will entice him with, if they do attempt to sign him !!!

Dressler would do very well with Ricky Ray.

The difference being that Plesius suited up about a year later for us. Gaydosh doesn't appear like he's any closer to coming here.

The Riders do already boast a healthy receiving corps. But that said, Dressler was still an absolute machine for them. If you think that Dressler will go for anything small, you're just plain kidding yourself.

I think he would be better suited as a target for Burris in Ottawa - they desperately need a go to guy

Would certainly help the team but it could be tough for a team that is likely to miss the post season to convince him to come onboard.

So ? When Plesius said the same things when he was exploring options how did he sound any closer to coming here than Gaydosh did ? IIRC Plesius was even more emphatic about not wanting to play in Canada.

so your gonna fault him for trying to play in the nfl :roll: i ve never heard him say he didnt want to play in hamilton,i think your just putting words out there

Scott Mitchell ?@SUNMitchell 37s
Linden Gaydosh, cut by Carolina Panthers on Sunday, is taking a few days to weigh his options. Agent has spoken with #Ticats. :thup: :thup:

Scott Mitchell ?@SUNMitchell 1m
Gaydosh was given a clean bill of health Saturday, after tearing ligament in foot. He's ready to play and wants to play. #CFL #Ticats :thup: :thup: :thup:

Scott Mitchell @SUNMitchell · 3m
Long story short, it looks like the #Ticats will get their 2013 first-overall pick in the fold, adding a 23yo, 6-3, 310 lb. DT. #CFL

If I was going to go after anyone, I'd go all out to sign Dressler. He's a game changer and only 29. He's got a lot of good years ahead of him.

Wouldn't come cheap but the best never does.

An Argo-Cat fan

Usually, I would agree with this. However, this year's Cats have shown that they have to offence to win games. It's the Defence getting that last drive stop or getting timely sacks that is the problem this year. So, the money might be better spent on Hall or some NFL cuts that can help on the D line.

How is he at picking up the blitz, then releasing out of the backfield?

Scott Mitchell ?@SUNMitchell 41m
Linden Gaydosh will wait out final NFL cuts this Saturday... “If not, after a week of waiting, I'll be going up to Hamilton.?

Scott Mitchell ?@SUNMitchell 44m
Linden Gaydosh: “I just want to play football. If the CFL's going to be my option to do that, I'm completely happy with it."