Limerick Time!!!

There once was a Bomber named Brown
Who showered cold with a frown!

He knew what was wrong!
His stench was so strong...

that he smelled like Winnipeg Towne!

Your turn(s)

He came from Portage and Main
With a bit of a Blue Bomber Brain!

With nary a vine…
he still made a great “whine”…

about the shape of a shower drain!

Tonight's a little muggy...
So have a cold shower Dougie!

But if you need HOT,
just claim your spot!

And Milt'll give you a nice l'il Tuggy!

There once was a QB named Jason
Who couldn't remember when he last won one

At 0 and 5
They're barely alive

With Jason the QB whose arm's done.

An Argo-Cat fan

There once was a girl from Pskov*
Who told Doug Brown to **** off
Upon which he was irked
When he saw that she smirked
When the Ticats had knocked his block off...

:D :D :D

Oski Wee Laureate,

There was a Cat hitter named Zeke
Who made the Bomber’s look weak

He chased them all night
And gave them a fright

And proved that Brown is a freak

There once was a lineman named Brown
Who dissed our fine Hamilton town.

He went looking for steak
A 500lb Tiger caused him to shake
and chased him back to the shower for a cold one

Him on special teams I beg please
so someone can take out his knees
and send this wretched columust back to his hole

On his way back to the Peg
with a suspected broken leg
he'll rue this day he messed with steeltowns best
and a hoard of fans on this board!

There once was a team named the Cats.
At 0-5, they are the CFL doormats.
Their stadium is old; their visiting room showers are cold.
And their third uni's are a god awful gold.

Their QB draws very little cheers.
Have you seen the size of that guys' ears?
They have a little over a month to gel,
Because there is a team down the QE looking to raise hell.
Come Labour Day they will be crying boohoo.
Because they are going to get another a$$ kicking from the double blue.

There once was an Argo fan named Cunny
who thought he was really funny
His team is on the way down
He soon will have a big frown
And the Ticats outlook is sunny

There once was a back named Roberts.
Who the cats are going to Clober !!!.
A guy named Brown getta out this town.
With you we can`t even bother!!

The Pegs been running their mouth. They sure have a lot of Clout! But when the game is through, theyll be singing the blues.

There once were some fans of a team,
Who's hopes of winning were just a pipe dream,

They hail from the Hammer,
But belong in the slammer,

0-6 after tonight it would seem!

there is a team that`s 2-4.
There ships going down in a ROAR!!

And on Labour Day they should just Sail away.
Another loss is for what they`re in STORE!!!

There once was a kicker named Setta
Upon whom you could always betta

The mortgage, your life
Your job and your wife

'cause this kid could kicka the balla.

An Argo-Cat fan