Lil Nate ready to join the Bombers watch out at the Buffet

THE Winnipeg Blue Bombers may be about to welcome one of their sworn arch-enemies into the fold.

Speculation has the club about to sign former Saskatchewan Roughrider nose tackle Nate Davis to beef up the interior of their defensive front. The confirmation could come later this week.
Now 33, Davis was dumped by the Riders earlier this winter in a salary-cap move. The Bombers, Montreal Alouettes and Toronto Argonauts are said to have made immediate contact with the 6-foot-5, 315-pound veteran.
Bombers general manager Brendan Taman would not confirm the signing last night, but did admit the two sides are continuing to chat. But another CFL source said Davis signing with the Bombers is essentially a done deal. If that's true, Davis will be expected to battle incumbent Ron Warner and perhaps converted guard Eric Wilson for the import nose tackle spot alongside dominant Canadian Doug Brown. He would join former teammate Andrew Greene as recent Rider castoffs now on the Bombers roster.

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i have a good friend who is a bomber fan(born in the peg, but now lives in regina) and last year he continuosly made fun of the riders, mainly 4 specific riders.

1)keith: for all of his legal troubles and acting like a gangsta.

2)bush: still for getting burned by milt in his first season and being a "nugget".

3)greene: for beating kk up when he slept with greene's wife, and being a gangsta.

4)nate: for being a ganja gansta.

i'm not making this up he was quite specicfic about these 4, and now the bombers have 3 of them and keith is in indy.

i'm gonna have to seen if he's ready to throw on the green & white!! :lol:

p.s. good luck to all 3 riders in the peg, and kenton...

see you august-septemberish?!? :wink:

Well first on lil Nate. He slow and slugish stops for to many burgers between plays.
Greene was a good one but I here he has had shoulder problems not sure maybe you rider fans can verify that one.
Bush well never liked the guy. I remember last year he got burned a few times but then again so do many DB’s he might be the guy they keep.

Does not hurt to look at them but Nate yikes slow!

I believe Nate's attitude was very poor as well, he was just going throught the motions last year. No effort at all on his part, so maybe the change might do him some good. I think Nate might be too washed up contribute positively to another team, IMO.

I am sure many will agree! I am mad though because now the Riders might get someone really good in his place. Mind you now the Bombers will be weaker with the large slug on the Dline. :lol:

Funny you would mention that, I seem to remember that Rider front 4 had Hank crying like a baby after the WSF last year.

No thanks to Nate. It was Schutlz,Jurineack and Perry who did most of the work. All Davis did was take up space. I guess thats why he will in Bumber Blue this year.

Well sambo you saw a lot more of him than I did last season so you are in a better position to comment on his ability or lack there of than I am. However, what little I did see of Nate looked about the same, the guy is consistently doubled teamed, as is Doug Brown, which gives the other guys on the line more of an opportunity to get to the qb. Assuming Nate signs with the Bombers and he makes the starting lineup, it should be interesting to see how teams are going to handle him and Brown up the middle, that could be a real problem for most teams.

I don't know whats with some people. I think Nate did a great job last year. Sure he didn't have the stats. But Perry, and Jurineak did. And it was due a lot to Big Nate. The bombers are getting a great football player in Davis.

It was more of a Calgary metl down then having that large slug having anything to do with the win. May I suggest you use the Rider hand book the highlighted features should suit your needs.

The Rider Fans Insult Book
If a stamps fan ever says anything you don’t agree with, or you find just plain mean do one of the following:

1) Bring up the 2006 WSF we did win that (yeah awesome we won one game)

  1. Call some of the stampeders players gay (they may all be married with kids of have girlfriends but they dance how gay is that)

  2. Say Hank throws a lot of INTs (KJ had one less and more fumbles but SHHH! on that)

  3. Call them a stumps fan (close to "stamps" but has that "U" in it that makes it so very funny)

5)Chorus of Heeeeeeeenry, Heeeeeeeeenry while doing the chicken dance (Trylynn addition SE section Taylor field)

Sambo you are right Lil Nate has been slow for a couple of years. All that weight he carries is taking a toll on his back. But I can tell you hang a burger in front of his helmet and it might speed him up. I also heard he was the fastest in line to get food. He will fit perfectly with the Blue and Gold CFL rejects on that team. He will blend in for sure.

Chuckle, music, a verse of green colored glasses (same as rose colored glasses) on. The only good thing Nate does is blocks out the sun. Ha ha ha double teamed are you crazy by the time he gets out his stance the ball is down field ha ha ha ha

I dont know, I thought I heard the Als and Argos may sign him or was that the Stamps.

Ah as a wise old pig stated before show me the artical!

No need to, Doug Brown had Nate on the phone on his show and its official, Nates a Bomber.

:lol: :lol: The big slug is a bomber he will fit right at home there. Mean while the Riders will now get better.

....he'll have to earn his spot and carry his weight' son.....but i would say...if he plays up to his former;s gonna be awfully tough to run on us with Brown and Nate doing their thing.... :lol: :lol: :thup:

I think Nate has a couple of good years left in him.
He is at that age for d-linemen where the end sometimes comes quickly, but when not hampered by injury last year, Nate proved he was still a force in the middle.
Keeping the pounds off has been a challenge his whole career, and guys as large as him do often have back problems, so those are ongoing concerns.

But if he can compete at the same level as last year, Nate is better than anybody playing the middle for Calgary the last number of years (which explains the comments from 2005).
Speaking of which, how come nobody has signed the Maxiepad yet?
I guess Calgary will finally try to be ALMOST as good in the middle as the Riders have been for several years.....

Seems to me, and I stand to be corrected, that no one has signed Maxie because he's already accepted a front office position in Calgary.

Davis and Brown in the middle of the Bombers D-line; and with Barrin Simpson at MLB.......if Nate is in shape and stays healthy, I don't see many teams running up the middle against Winnipeg!

...I think you all have missed the point of the thread....what about the buffet? no one concerned about the buffet?....while you ponder and debate run vs. pass defenses and the relative sanity of Brendan Taman the poor macaroni salads, cold cut trays and dessert platters are left mercilessly unprotected....