Like we need another reason to hate the Argos

Why would C&S want to flush their money down the toilet to keep the Coyotes in Phoenix? Brutal. :thdn:

Yea Right!

OR...they plan on buying the team for the same money as RimJim it out for a year...then apply to have it moved to Southern Ontario.

My bet is that they would not put it in Hamilton though. Perhaps London or Kitchener.

sure they'd save the team, but come 2-3 years down the road they'll be in the exact same position. Like 2% of arizona likes hockey so why bother? That's like trying to sell democracy to the Chinese government, it just won't work if they don't want it.

The insanity continues. It's bad enough some people think they want to build a 30,000 hockey arena for a team they will never get and timing it this week. The NHL claiming the team was never in trouble and was minutes from a deal to keep them there. A billionaire making a crazy offer for a team that is worth 80 million less and the league embarrassing itself once again. Now the argo owners want to take a chance on operating a team that could lose 30 million.this year easily but would be prepared to keep them in arizona...this whole thing is getting more bizzare by the moment..

When you think about it, when has Bettman been honest regarding this whole Phoenix situation anyway???

Balsillie has more money in his seat cushions than these two guys have in the bank.

Nice try.

yes another reason to hate the Argos!!

Bettman would prefer to see the Argo group buy the Coyotes and move them to Toronto rather than have Basille move the team to Hamilton.

It wouldn't surprise me either about the reported rumour that the Argo group and others are pushing to have Bettman be an advisor and possibly partime CFL co-commis !
I can see Bettman pushing to have the Ticats move to Ottawa (another strong rumour).


In my best Fred Flintstone voice, "oh, boy".