Like sands through the hour glass....

That had to be a popped achilles...what are the odds Durant will have another season ender. Poor guy!


Yup...Achilles for sure imo
what a awful week in many ways

As soon as the swelling goes down enough he will need surgery. I would expect that next week. Then he'll have that boot on probably until Labour Day. It's a looong rehab. Assuming that the surgery goes well and there are no complications he won't be putting on pads or helmet probably until April-ish. If there are complications, his career is in doubt.

He will be 33 next year...his career will already be in doubt. Gotta feel for the man.

where to spend a half a mil on players this season...hmm

If he was 38 or 39 maybe, but I just can't see Durant quitting. I could be wrong but it's not in him. If the surgery and rehab goes well, he WILL be back. Of course the rust factor could be astronomical by that point and he may not be the same, but we saw how well he handled it this spring.

Obviously nothing is certain, but I'm quite optimistic.

In the meantime, Argos next week. There's a W there. Gotta go get it.

Lol Argos handled the Eskimos fairly easy and chewed up some good runs so if our defense is as bad as this week against the run I wouldn't just chalk up a W just quite yet.

sorry...meant Achilles when I put this up...had already heard the 99% prognosis from an offically unnofficially official source that unnofficially passed officially unnofficial information.

I did not mean that the Argos were an easy win. I meant that EVERY game there is a W there to go get and that the focus is still now, not next year.