Like I said, leave that panic button alone

Sold effort in BC, crushing hits, gutsy comeback. Way to go green. Riders rule!

Like I said last week, leave the panic button alone...maybe they wanna push it in Calgary right about now. Congrats Ti-Cats!

Maybe they want to push it in BC also....the Lions just can't put a full game are getting restless and Buono is getting short- tempered with the media. Great effort by the Riders. Go Riders!

It was a good effort to come back I agree, but the defense is still crap IMO. They got lucky very very lucky, normally Dickensen doesn't thorw 2 int in the endzone in one game. We walked away lucky, hopefully they get the ship totally wrighted becaust to me its still cockeyed on defense.

Mitchell did play better back at LB but I still don't like the guy.

I think the D played great in the 2nd half, what did they allow, 5 points? 2 of which came on the last play of the game... As for the 2 picks, thats just great D, that 2nd one by robinson was amazing, the play was clean as far as i could tell, by that i mean no Pass interference.

The Rider D did play well, especially in the second half, but they still have a long way to go. Even in that second half, you saw poor tackling and open BC receivers. They actually had a pass rush in the 2nd half , which allowed the offence to make plays. Lets see if they can repeat this performance again against Toronto and in the back-to-back with the Stamps.

im pretty sure we will win against toronto it will be allens first game back from his injury. and the argos just dont seem like a very good team right now.

:lol: Teams playing the riders need to push only one button!

:lol: Teams playing the riders need to push only one button!


I think u meant to say wear that button (not push)

After seven years of mediocrity, it's long past time to hit the panic button.
The Riders blow because the Saskatchewan fans allow them to blow.Anywhere else the coach and GM would have been gone a long time ago.
If cheering for a bunch of losers is your bag, great. I'm about sick of having these boneheads represent my province. But I guess we have a second rate economy, a second rate healthcare system and second rate highways, why not have a second rate football team?

We should have had a quarterback tandem of Burris and Kevin Glen AND we would still have Corey Holmes. If the Renegades hadn't folded, we would still have Nealon and Crandall.
Sorry boys, times up.