Like I said before.......

For all those who doubted it before or were just in denial...... When will someone listen and see the obvious...... JOSEPH HAS TO GO!!!!!! Who the hell gives up 2 TD's to the same D lineman for christ sakes???? Oh yeah.... JOSEPH! If not for Ranek, there would be no glimmer of hope at all on this offence! Joseph is not a starting quarterback! At least not yet. There are some signs of hope but the extreme lack of experience shines much to bright! I've said it for 2 years now, Ottawa needs a seasoned vet at QB to lead the way and develop Joseph mentally. Then stupid mistakes would not happen so often! All you Joseph fanatics can argue all you want, but stats don't lie! Who cares that he is among the leading rushers. Last time I looked, he was a QB not a RB! Scrambling is a good thing, but lets figure out how to pass the ball. And also mention to the recievers it's nice to catch the ones he puts right in your damn hands! And last but not least, perhaps instead of looking at all the NFL cuts, we can focus on some tackling drills for a day or so. That was the worst display of tackling I've seen since I played Pee Wee football in Ottawa! I must say I'm highly disappointed in the lack of forward progress in Ottawa. It seems that team is cursed to suck for eternity!

I don't consider Joseph to be the problem - and he certainly wasn't tonight. The problem tonight was your D. And your receivers. And a new O-line wouldn't hurt ...

Let's be real, anything good that happened to the Gades this year was because of the Riders. We even took them over 20k fans lol.

Good ol' Riders ... can always be counted on when your team needs a win! :smiley:

All the gades need is a good veteran qb? you and all the other teams in the league, your solution is pragmatic, it may be ok for a few games, but in the long run its not the answer, joseph can be a great qb, build a good team around him, he can win games, and lose them as we have seen but he is not the problem.

I don't agree with what you say about Joseph. Sure his INT's this year are a little high, but look at the O Line he has. He isn't sure which O Line is going to show up, whether they are going to give him protection or not. Agreed that he has to be a little quicker with his reads of his recievers.

It's our defence that hasn't played well at all lately. Getting no pressure, they never blitz, they give way too much cushion when they play zone, Greg Marshall should come under the spot light for this. They look like the defence from last year, Maybe they secretly brought back Gary Etcheverry