Like having kids!

It seems that being a Ticat fan is quite similar to being a parent.
We love our team and will support them through success or failure.
We do not always appreciate their performance and will scold and chastise them when the effort is not there. As well we will not stand for it when the effort seems to be there but the results prove otherwise. We become disappointed with them when failure appears to turn into apathy even though it probably is more a result of growing pains. If their circle of friends (teammates) is not who we would have picked for them we are the first to let them know and point out who would suit them better and why. Sloppiness and carelessness are always noticed by us and criticism and punishment are the result. There are times when we would like to totally ignore them but we know that the cry for attention could get worse.
There are times however when we stand behind their achievements and glow with pride when they succeed. Along the way we support and nurture them, cheer when they do well and pat them on the back when they try their hardest but fall to a better opponent. We will applaud their great effort and reward their successes.
Just like having kids!