Like Bruce's Mindset

I think Arland Bruce III is ready to take the field RIGHT NOW! A team needs that kind of fire in the attitude. Hope he lights it up in the opener!

Would love to be in the stadium for this one! Rest assured that someone down here in Louisiana will be cheering for the Ti-Cats! Happy Canada Day to all my fellow Ti-Cat fans!

And the best fourth of July to you. :thup:

Thanks Catfish! We'll find some way to celebrate. It has been near or over 100 degrees for a long time now. There has been no rain. Presently, there's a ban on fireworks. Guess we'll just have to celebrate around a grill. Nothing wrong with that!

:D :thup:


1400 YARDS :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

spiderman mask :wink:

Don't know if you've been following the other threads Re: U.S. coverage of CFL games, but this game will be on

Thanks CaptainKirk! I somehow missed that info. I appreciate it very VERY much!