Lighting at TD Place Stadium

Wondering if this issue has ever been brought up in Ottawa. The stadium lighting is terrible. Evening games look so dark. Are there any plans to add additional lighting? It makes the product look so bad on TV. It looks like you’re watching a high school game at your local park. I’ve even noticed that when they go to cameras from the back of the endzone the players look like they’re playing in complete darkness.

100 % agree with this. Redblacks night games look horrible on TV.

I was looking at images of the stadium and the lighting on the roofs of each side of the stadium only seem to go from the 15 yard line to the other 15 yard line. They really need to improve this.

Watching a game at the stadium is not bad for lighting although the light could be aimed better. The Glebeites could get upset if more lights were put in.

For the Grey Cup in 2004 at the previous Frank Clair Stadium, CBC rented 4 large lighting masts to illuminate the end zones properly.

I wasn’t at the 2017 game so I don’t know what TSN’s solution was then. I assumed with the redevelopment of the site that a modern TV lighting solution would have been part of the project.

Tim Hortons Field has sideline lighting and 4 permanent corner masts. BMO Field had the same in it’s original setup but that might have been superseded when the stadium was expanded several years ago.

You’ d think that when they did the reno, and did the final walk through they would try the lights at night and say…“Hey, we need brighter or more lights!”

Like I said before, some of the Glebeites would be ranting if they put more lighting in the stadium. Properly focusing on the field with the existing lighting, would be a better solution for now.

Flat out looks terrible on TV. The league should step in and force the team to correct this. How is it possible that this hasn’t been addressed with the team??