Lighten up KW

Just because a few people mention Desjardins in the Katz thread it gets locked?

Lets fans talk if they want.

The countdown for this thread is on...

the mods need to realize that people are entitled to free speech, i wanted belli gone, and a day later he was traded, so the mods have to realize that we know what were talking about. POWER TO THE PEOPLE!

True…I should have called some coaches a few derogitory names so it would have stayed.

Just want to keep all the posts together, rather then the 4 threads that I had to merge regarding Marcel's hiring.

So you lock 2 pages on Katz stepping down because of 4 posts?

Just a little heavy handed IMO.

It has nothing to do with specific posts and everything to do with organizing everyones thoughts in one single thread.

How much more discussion was needed on an early report that Katz is stepping down as GM, now that he has in fact stepped down? I'll bet if someone starts a thread analysing the Katz Era, or the Katz Legacy, or the new role of Katz as COO, it will be allowed.

This is a private site. Just thought if we have to play by the rules, that people are aware of that.