Life's little ironies.

I miss all the snarly posts about our kicking game
that we have had for the last few years so here goes..

What a shame

A local boy [Brantford] who could have been
the answer to our kicking woes even last year

is being chained to the bench out west again
by B.C.'s stingy G.M. and Head Coach Wally Bouno.

The Vancouver Sun Wed 06 Jun 2007
Byline: Mike Beamish

Waiting game not Pikula's preference;

Lions' backup kicker willing to play second fiddle,
to a point

Wally Buono has no timetable for strong-legged Rob Pikula
to succeed the B.C. Lions' top foot soldier --

veteran kicker/punter Paul McCallum.

But Pikula does.

Going toe-to-toe with McCallum in training camp,
for a 48.2-yard average in his first pro game
June 25 last year against Saskatchewan,

for the second straight season, Pikula is willing
to bide his time, work on his craft and set 2008
as his launch date.

If not right away, Pikula expects to be the punter
and kicker of choice somewhere in the CFL before very long.

"We could start a big controversy in the paper --
like the one with the quarterbacks --
and get people thinking," Pikula says, in jest.

"For me, 2007 is still another year of learning.
Either way, whether I get a chance in games,
or just during the week in practice, I'm going to benefit.
But, if I'm not starting by my third year of pro ['08],
for me it's better to go somewhere where I can."

In line to replace a veteran, Pikula is aware that
at least one CFL team -- the Winnipeg Blue Bombers --
would like to give him a chance to push 40-year-old
Troy Westwood and, eventually, punt him out the door.

Pikula, then 23, sailed six punts into the ether
for a 48.2-yard average in his first pro game
June 25 last year against Saskatchewan,

the team which released him. In seven attempts,
he made six field goals against the Roughriders
and Toronto Argonauts, the only other time he
saw the field in '06. All he seems to be missing
is a lack of seasoning, the same quibble
that gives Dave Dickenson a decided edge
over backup Buck Pierce at quarterback.

Of course, pitting Pierce against Dickenson
only serves to speed the younger player's development.

And coach Wally Buono expects McCallum's polish
will continue to rub against Pikula

and produce a coin flip at the kicking position.
Heads or tails? Either way, he can't lose.

"Is Rob Pikula the Buck Pierce of kickers?" Buono says.

"The analogy is very apt. That's what the expanded
[46-man] roster has allowed us to do.

Good kickers are hard to find.

We felt the investment in keeping Rob was well worth it.
Today, he's a stronger kicker than he was last year."

The best news for Pikula is that Buono knows he has
an asset, and the Blue Bombers know it, too.

GM Brendan Taman has said so publicly.

"I'm not like Brendan.

I don't tell the media who I want," Buono says.
"I don't think it's good business."

Buono says Pikula isn't going anywhere.

Besides, the coach likes the kid's swagger,
the same air of confidence that envelops Pierce
when he settles in behind centre.

"We control his contract," Buono says.

"Whether Rob likes his role or not,
that's not up for discussion.

He's a great fallback for us."

A rehab specialist with a kinesiology degree from Western,
Pikula was employed at McMaster University's
David Braley Athletic Centre over the winter,

getting dinged-up athletes whole again.

His caseload included linebacker
Jason Pottinger, the second-year Lion
who underwent offseason shoulder repair.

Making people sweat is Pikula's other job,

but as Buono's backup kicker
he gives the boss
no reason to.

How true Ron, but I'm still fuming over Jerome Erdman's phone talents with Sandro DeAngelis, but I digress... :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

How true Ron, but I'm still fuming over Jerome Erdman's phone talents with Sandro DeAngelis, but I digress... Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Wink

Oski Wee Wee,

Come on man...although I wasnt a big fan the the last staff, it gonna happen. There are so many football players out there that you're gonna miss on players. The best evaluators I'm sure can name a few player they have missed on.

I hear you. But understand the context. DeAngelis kicked for the freaking NEBRASKA CORNHUSKERS and told Erdman he was a local boy (Niagara Falls) who could help the Cats if given the chance to try out.

"CLICK", or basically to that effect.


" In addition to the flood of childhood memories was the rush of emotion he felt recalling an apparent snub by the Ticats a few months earlier. Before signing with the Stamps as a free agent, DeAngelis phoned Hamilton hoping to work out for his favourite CFL team but received the cold shoulder.

To this day, DeAngelis feels slighted by the gesture and although he won't name names, the man on the other end of the line was likely Tabbies special teams coach Jerome Erdman, who took over the role in 2004.

Erdman and the Tabbies are still searching for a reliable replacement for Hamilton legend Paul Osbaldiston, whose 18-year career ended after the '03 season. Current 'Cats kicker Jamie Boreham enters tomorrow night's game against Calgary with a meagre 60% success rate, second-worst in the CFL.

"I'd be lying if I didn't say I was (PO'ed) they didn't sign me," said DeAngelis, who played his college ball at Nebraska.

"I wanted to be a Hamilton Tiger-Cat. Now, looking back, I thank my lucky stars that I'm a Calgary Stampeder but, at the time, it was pretty emotional for me. Seeing the coach I talked to on the phone, I thought he treated me like a 13-year-old looking for autographs when I talked to him on the phone my senior year at Nebraska. I just felt very disrespected from him.

"Let's just say he didn't take me very seriously as if I was just some guy from a small college or beer league somewhere but I played at the University of Nebraska for gosh sakes, one of the top-five programs.

"It was a strange conversation and I'll never forget it.""

[url=] ... 9-sun.html[/url]

Erdman didn't miss it. HE BLEW IT. Straight up. Any other position coach watching the aftermath of the Ozzie/Currie cundundrum with anything on the ball would have encouraged Sandro to send the team a tape to scouting etc. etc. and at least kept the lines of communication open while that could be explored. :wink:

Being a gatekeeper to mediocrity doesn't cut it. At least I detect a change under Marcel's regime.

Oski Wee Wee,

Players are going to fall through the cracks, it happens.

But c'mon...

If a guy called me up looking for a tryout (at a position that my team NEEDED) and he said he played for... The Southwestern Christian Bible Study College in the NCAA (National Christian Athletic Association)where he was the starting kicker/alterboy... well then maybe I'd say "thanks but no thanks".

But when the guy is a Canadian (see: Import rules) and he's kicking for NEBRASKA... you give him a tryout! You can look up his stats online, watch game film, call his coach, etc...

Instead we stuck with Boreham and his 17 yard 1 pointers.

I played peewee football with Rob for a year in Brantford. His nickname? Pitbull.

Its a rare occasion when I don't take sides with Russ and I guess this is one of them.
Your comments make good sense to me, Rusty25.
Erdman definitely blew it on this one. (Or was Erdman's decision influenced by a higher source?)

I think Rusty agrees with me, Rock.

Rock, remember how often we would see Erdman go blank then grimace after a new Yank on special teams would get a no-yards flag and then be caught by the cameras explaining the rule DURING to the player the game? In two years, I recall multiple times.

Guess what? For the Easley regime, I am confident the rule would be explained once during practices and meetings to a player and the message would be received THERE.

You're giving Erdman too much credit to being clued in to the "higher" sources. I seriously doubt Lancaster heard about the DeAngelis phone call overture until much later.

Oski Wee Wee,

(Oskie-oui-oui) You're giving Erdman too much credit to being clued in to the "higher" sources. I seriously doubt Lancaster heard about the DeAngelis phone call overture until much later.

Oski Wee Wee,

You probably have a point there, Russ, but I don't think anyone is about to step forward and admit the truth on this slip-up.

Lets hope that the new regime keeps their mistakes to a minimum, particularly mistakes like the one discussed involving DeAngelis.