Life on the practice roster

A few days ago, Tim Gilligan was seeking interest from other CFL teams. Apparently, he was discussing job opportunities with the Blue Bombers.

The thing is he didn’t want to leave the Alouettes, but had to because of financial problems. See, his pregnant wife and him just had to cancel their rent because they were too flat broke to pay the landlord.

That’s because a player on the practice roster earns… 500$ a week!

Man! This is terrible. I always thought the pay was low, but not this low. This represents 10 000$ for the whole season if you sit there all the time. Could you live with that? And could you support your wife and soon-to-be child?

Kudos to the guys waiting on practice squads to get a spot on a roster. They would make more money would they be wrappers at the grocery store. They show they really want to play.

Now that Cavil is gone, Gilligan got a job with the Als. And with Girard still injured, he will even start this Thursday. Jim Popp said Gilligan should not return to the practice squad this year.

In the meantime, the guy and his wife will look for a teammate to offer them shelter, while they wait to get enough dollars to find back an appartment.

Good luck to you and your wife Tim. And good luck to all the other guys sitting somewhere on a practice squad.

.....excellent point turd........I think the $10K is even a high estimate......I remember reading an article int eh local paper here last year about when The Rock (WWF wrestler Dwayne somethingorother) tried out for the stampeders and made the practice squad.........think his salary was like $7,500 for the season and he had to get a second job in the evenings in a restaurant to like basically eat..........pretty tough for these guys to make ends meet.........if a players bolts from a PR to a team you can bet there's more to it than just the chance to play........hell, my daughter makes more working part time at Old Navy......

I think part of the reason so many football fans respect CFL players including practice roster guys is that they are making such huge sacrifices to play a game they love.

Nothing against the NHL players - all the best to them- but when I hear and read about their contracts and what they are getting it is unreal when you consider how little so many others get for working their butts off in their work.

The CFL is not like a minor league baseball situation where the goal is MLB and the big paydays - there are some similarities in pay though and a few from the CFL will go to the NFL, granted. For most players, this is the end league in their careers and for top players this is the best from sports that they will earn. The lower rung guys are earning very little and that hopefully will change if the CFL can grow but football here is a ticket driven revenue situation that means more have to come to the stadiums for every game in order to get more dollars for player salaries.

There Used To Be A Time Not Too Long Ago When Most CFL Players Had To Have Jobs In The Off Season To Pay The Bills. Practice Squad Players Only Have To Be In 1 Or 2 Days Per Week So That Leaves Plenty Of Time For Them To Get Other, Better Paying Jobs. Granted I'm Not Saying That They Shouldn't Get More Money, I Personally Think Every Player In The League Should Be Making More Then What They're Making Right Now. However It's A Tricky Situation Because Every Year There's A Team In Finacial Trouble.

Some of them still do have jobs in the off season. I know one who works as a substitute teacher (up until a while ago for sure - I can’t vouch for him this year, as I haven’t talked to him for a couple years). There are more, but he’s the only one I can verify for sure at this point.

I know Troy Westwood owns a music store. There was a guy on the old forum who said his girlfriend was Westwood's employee and he was a bad boss and stuff...

I also read an article last year about Kenny Wheaton working in a sports cap factory in Toronto during the winter, sewing inscriptions on caps. He said he learned to sew when he was young because this was the only employment opportunity in the impoverished area he lived in.

And Bruno Heppell has a meat business. He would deliver meat to restaurants himself during the off-season.

I also that what his name, players for Hamilton Belli also works in the meat buisness. Jock Climie was a lawyer(still is) while he played and Michael Soles was a stock brocker

Eric Lapointe also is a stock broker.

Noah Cantor owns a bubrger joint in BC

Isn't it a bit far to supervise the business?

dont' forget the booster juice connection in wpg. anyone know if khari is still connected with that??
those football players can mix up a mean smoothie

I read some where that Khari was also an actor in a theatre production in Winnipeg.

Vera's Burgers in Kits and the West End is what Noah Cantor owns with a partner.

I Saw On CBC Last Week They Were Talking About How One Of The CFL Players Was In Anger Management As A Stunt Double, I Beleave He Was A D-Lineman On Either Hamilton Of Edmonton. Correct Me If Anyone Remembers.

Frank Ferrara of the BC Lions is a stunt double.

Too all players out there sitting on other teams practice rosters, if you are any good at all, come to Winnipeg asap. For $750.00 a month you can have room and board at my place, we have plenty of room, my kid has all the PS2 and Game Cube shit, swimming pool, close to everything. References required though and no partying past 2:00 AM every night.